At what point do people starting picking roles in competitive


well. yes im bronze only had the game a few weeks.
when do people start picking properly? im fed up of everyone rage picking Damage and loosing the game as we have no healer or tank, i fill any spot i can for the team, but 75% of games i get ppl just ruining it and picking damage only and telling me to leave if i dont like it.
im close to quiting a game ive only had for 3 weeks as this is stupid and ruining my time and my fun.


Don’t worry , i’m plat and if i wasn’t playing tank and my wife heal i think it should be nearly the same and for 2 reasons.

It’s more “easy” to carry as dps , if you are good and kill 3-4 guy solo , you can win even with… bad team.

The second point is how the ranked points are calculated , i did some tests since few season and as tank and heal ( except Moira ) , you have less medals and less damage/Heal/kills etc… it semms logic , but for the game this stats are usefull for loosing/earning points.

My wife playing Moira win nearly 100 ranked points more than me after placements when i only play tank , and last season i tried 50/50 tank/dps , i was only at 50points difference…

And with the modifications on armor… soon nobody will want to play tank if you die as fast as a dps…


The moment you decide to regularly play with a team.


Personnal experience:
High gold low plat
Less 5 dps 1 healer or 1 tank 1 healer 4 dps
Were most dps are useless ofc and i forgot to mention the 90% chance of defeat unless you have a bunch of smurfs (dont count on it).
Where they came from how did they get gold plat i personaly dont know :hushed:

But still depending on your unlucky star you can still have theses useless sets and feeling like playing quick play

Wish you good luck o\


I will get sligtly better as you will climb. I would say majority of games in gold and plat have normal comp, in silver it would be 50% - 60% maybe.

Climb and it will get better.


No it is definitely not easy to carry as dps. Its actualy hard work because you constantly have to kill. In low rank its easy to carry as tank or support by the fact you simply exists.

Most games in low ranks are lost because support and Tanks not providing enough healing and not doing tank job properly or picking bad tank, dps has very hard job in that case.

Plat is not any better, in my experience more than 50% of lost games are because of poor tank decisions. Or wrong tank and support picks.


You can always make your own group and play with your friends or people you know!


But how can you blame friends for your loss then? :wink: they are not randoms.


the game is pissing me off now,
play a game just now, and 5 people pick damage… leaving me to play brig to heal AND tank… like wtf they thinking… ppl play to loose it seems, makes me rage and not want to play


Then just dont play :unamused:


The way you can climb out of bronze is by making yourself better as a player. If you’re in bronze then you are also an issue aswell, diamond and higher players can easily 1-6 a bronze team because bronze player, dk how to pick, don’t have any game sense/skill and just really suck at the game. The only way you can climb is if you either get a team of friends to play with you to pick roles or find Friends that are plat or higher and play against them to try and match their skill to bring into a competitive game


Depends on what you call carrying. If getting elims means carrying, then yes, if having a high positive impact on the game means carrying, then DPS is a bad choice.

While it’s true that DPS generate SR more easily, improving your win rate is the most important part. I had a fun time when I recently tried to learn Hog as a new off tank and played in QP, where the team comps feel like bronze no matter the level. I had a 92% win rate on a character I hadn’t mastered while I was really frickin’ tired. Hog gives you the sustain, pick-potential, durability and damage. If you can coerce one of your team mates to play a healer to babysit the other 4 team mates, you’re golden. Or just duo-queue to form a tank+heal team.


Since I got closer and closer to diamond, i get more and more filling players, but must mean nothing.

I didn’t play a lot in comp do give a valid view.

Gold / plat was normal to have 3-2-1 but I would take 3 dps everytime over a tank/heal who has no idea what he’s doing.

Useless for the team if he just keeps dying, he better plays what he actually is good at and contributes like this.


90% of the time you get a decent comp in high plat low diamond. And by decent I mean. ANY 2-2-2 comp, or 3-2-1 comp.
I’ve also lost against 5dps and a Moira… Felt bad they full hold us on volskya… sometimes teamcomp isn’t everything. If the player can’t play tank, they shouldn’t try IMHO.


Really important, don’t force your dps one trick to play reinhardt.

He will basically throw your match unintentionally.

If you have 3 dps, try it, before you cry: mimimi 3 dps mimimi no main tank.

Main > flex (if you can flex its even better since your otp’s can play their good roles.)


You’ve literally only had this game 3 weeks as you say and you’re complaining at what… your’e not top? You’ve not placed high? That people don’t want to play the game the way you want them too?

Go cry somewhere else. Actually take the time to learn the game for yourself. Nobody is forcing you to play the game, and if you think people don’t throw in gold, or Diamond or GM. Sorry to disappoint you here.

Top players are just a toxic as the bottom. Sure they’re far more skilled at the top. But toxic nonetheless.

To climb, only YOU can improve. Don’t flex, watch streams and actually learn the game.


Usually gold is when you’ll start to see some basic competence.
As for now, just work on your mechanics. Most of the people in bronze are there because they genuinely just need to improve.


Why on earth would you not flex?
I can understand focusing on a hero, but one tricking is stupid.