Atlantic Mercy Skin


My little sister got Atlantic Mercy skin on her account. She was extremely excited for it and waited since the leak, saving up money on her bnet account. But apparently, the skin doesn’t have any sort of sound effects unlike Pink skin from charity or Tracer’s atlantic skin with bubbly sounds; and the wings remain yellow during the ultimate as well.
I know it’s probably entitled of us, the skin is gorgeous in its own, but anyone else expected some extra effects from the skin?


Yeah, I talked about this too. Her wings are purple when she’s emoting, in the highlight intros, on the selection screen even when you use guardian angel, even in that one frame when you start valkyrie where the wings come out to the front, its purple, but when you ult, it’s yellow? Blizzard explain please


It was such a letdown when i saw it and told her. I could feel her little heart break. :frowning:


Too bad Blizzard doesn’t read these posts. This really is a letdown…


I didn’t expect anything tbh, like why would we?

It’s overwatch we’re talkinh about, it’s not like jeff and his team is always going to give us something we want.


For something we pay a real money price for, it felt a little cheap? Just comparing it to other real money skins. I think everyone would be happy if they just copied the magical sound from Pink skin to this one and called it a day.


purchased it too, disappointed as well


Unpopular opinion here - but yes it is a little bit entitled. It’s one of the best skins in the game and people are disappointed in it because…it has no sound effects. Baffling.

Also, there is the option of purchasing it by watching the OWL. Nobody said you had to purchase it with real money.


Does anyone know how long it’s available for purchase? I’m 13 tokens short. And since I’m EU-based, that means approx. 2-3 weeks of watching OWL, having a normal sleeping schedule. Will I be able to buy it during season 3 or will it be too late till then?


You cant check out your character unless you are doing emotes or you are dead. Unlike third person games like MOBAs. So yes, a huge reason I will aim for a skin are the sound effects. MERRY MOLTEN CORE is reason enough to purchase a skin for me.


We can’t see the skin so sound effects would be nice, and even then. The wings change colour to yellow when you use your ultimate but they’re purple in highlight intros, emotes, character select screen, even while using guardian angel and your shift. That’s dissapointing…