Bad comps in placement


I came from a 3.4-3.8 account and did placements on an alt last night. Out of the 10 games, only one was a viable comp.
About 6 games were 4-5 dps.

Was master (Almost gm) and got placed at 2467 lol. Fun times


Impossible. An almost GM who ends up 1k lower than his previous placement even though the biggest difference these placements give is about ~200 then keeps losing since their current SR is lower than 2467. Really wish people spent less time lying and more doing anything else.


Lol, I am a Lucio main and when everyone instalocks 5 dps then continues to run in 1v6 all game as I wait spamming ‘Lets group up here’ I cant really do alot to be honest.

Why would I lie, its not like Diamond-Master is anything special. I am just saying that out of my 10 placements atleast 6 games were instalock hanzo, widow, no tank, no heal etc.
I go winston we have no healer, I go healer we have no tank. I go Roadhog to get solo kills and I end up feeding because no second tank or no healer.

I am by no means able to carry a team that doesn’t play as one and continues to run in 1v6 however if people play as a team, pick a viable comp then I can be very effective.
I’m not lying lol, the games were awful and worse than quickplay. I was genuinely shocked at how bad gold was and not mechanically etc, just the picks and the fact that no one seemed to care or want to win


You know, if you don’t lie it only makes you look worse. The 10 placements are based on your personal performance. Don’t try to argue, it is the truth, you can lose all 10 and still gain SR in the end, meaning you were so bad the game decided to strip you off 1k SR points and there is nobody to blame but yourself. Plus you kept losing even in gold, so you either bought a master account or got boosted.


You are plat silver portrait dude, stop assuming I am bad lol.

I don’t even care and alot of the games where there was 6 dps I would just stand at base saying ‘Group up’ laughing as everyone runs in 1v6 dying all game.

Stop being so salty and attacking me. Also good luck on hitting diamond too bro (y)


All I am saying is if you want others to feel sorry for you do your research and lie better. No reason to accuse others of being salty over your almost GM skills which cant help you win in gold.


Lol I dont want anyone to feel sorry for me, I am just merely highlighting that comp is really bad that ELO and it seems that everyone playing is a second account that does not care to win at all and basically throws.

I got to 3.4 on my own accord then I played with a top 500 Rein called Maxon or something and a very good 4.1 Zarya when I achieved 3.8, so you could very much argue that I was carried to that rank however when I played with them or at that level it was always a good comp, people would communicate, group up and play as a team.

My placement matches yesterday honestly were just dps running in 1v6 ALL game vs Orisa, Mercy, Ana, Reaper, Roadhog etc. It was 100% worse than quickplay but I literally don’t care, probably very similar to the dps who were doing it.