Bad Crashes on RTX 2060


I have been getting a lot of crashes after replacing my dead GTX 760 with an EVGA XC Black RTX 2060. I click play, it connects me to the server, I make it into the game and then it crashes either right as the music comes in or after the main menu has fully loaded and I click on a game mode to start queueing.
Would grabbing the DxDiag and MsInfo files help at all


Hey TachiGamer,

When the game crashes, do you receive a crash report? If you do, make sure to submit it and post the error code here so we can have a look into that.

As you mentioned this happened after replacing your GPU, try clearing your drivers using a Display Driver Uninstaller and installing the latest drivers for your new GPU (RTX 2060) afterwards.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


My PC restarts when the game starts to load and I received no crash report. The closest error report I have is from June of last year but this problem started effecting me late January of this year. As far as Drivers are concerned I used DDU to get the old drivers off of my PC already.
Thanks for your time


If your PC restarts, it could be a power or overheating issue. Please go through the steps listed here to check for potential overheating issues.

Additionally, please post your System Files so we can have a closer look into this. Go through the steps listed here, and create both the MSInfo and DxDiag files. Post them on a page like or share directly with us through OneDrive. Post the links here afterwards as Preformatted text </>, so we can have a look.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


I had been checking through HWMonitor and never saw the core jump above 26C
here are my pastebins https:// pastebin .com/VXvjv53k (DXDiag) https: // pastebin .com/Es53Pdiw (MsInfo)


Thanks Tachi,

I have a few steps I’d like you to go through, before testing again further. Please start by going through the steps to close background applications. After the restart, double check that applications such as Discord and Haste have not started up again. If they have, please fully disable (or temporarily uninstall) for now.

In addition to that, please disable the Game DVR, Malwarebytes and ensure that you are not overclocking your system (Asus AI Suite is active). Test Overwatch again once done.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


I just tested it again after that with no success. I haven’t overclocked my system before. I’m not sure what I should do next. The crash is similar though. I click play game, I get connected to a server, the main menu pops up, my icon loads, the first note of the theme plays, and then my screen goes black and I see the Windows 10 restarting screen.
2/3/2019 odd thing just happened PTR works but the live game doesn’t


Same thing is happening to me. The renaming workaround WAS working until the May 9th patch. Now I can’t get more than a minute into the game and it crashes. Gigabyte RTX 2060 OC. Running in debug mode didn’t help.


I ended up building a whole new rig around April with some of the parts that I have been saving I had the 2060 an R7 1800X and an AsRock X370 Gaming X motherboard. Got the rest of it built out. I think it could have been something to do with the RAM. I had read that a few times that if the CPU isn’t overheating and the GPU is fine then sometimes the RAM goes bad. Might get a used GPU and some new DDR3 see if I could salvage the PC.