Bastion = stupid

No i mean her weapon that has a very large spread, which means its hard NOT to hit. And also i find it really funny that every “normal” Player is on my side and only you (a brig, mei main) and the other guy (moira main) are against me. Looks like These People who Play braindead easy Heros still have to tell themselves that the Hero they r playing isnt easy xD
(Oh, and the Hamsun guy that keeps liking your Posts is a bronze reaper main ; ) )

you try playing mei or brig lol or better yet, try bastion/torb who are my real mains

you’re not “normal” because you main genji/widow, the most broken OP heros of the bunch this isn’t CoD aim isn’t king, don’t like that? leave…


ahh ok then, flagged, enjoy your forum vacation :slight_smile:

Flagged for what? That i said “your aim sucks”? Yea good luck bringing that through

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im not hardstuck silver… but hey genji main talking :smiley:

Well if you would be any higher, u would soon see, that Bastion isnt even close to being good, not to speak of being op…

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I hated blizzard before it was cool :nerd_face:

Get good. I can’t tell you the last time I died to a bastion as any character. He is so easy to counter, and so hard to master. Get good is the only thing I can reply to this with.

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He is though, and a braindead hero.

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cough couch hanzo needs aim cough couch rein has barely any mobility cough couch dva has a hitbox 10 times the size of moiras cough cough mercy is a trash hero cough cough go on please our lord and savior AllMight

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hahahahaha you think torb is hard. please say sike or ill jump out of my window

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yawn… flagged…

20 characters

fLaGgEd :00000000000

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Hey there!

“Typical Genji One-trick speaking here”
Overall stop stereotyping people.

I’m talking for the overall health of the game.

People complained about Bastion being OP, he never really was.

He got buffed, the same people complained.
He was a bit better, but now he’s dumpster tier.

His pickrate is a solid 0.33%
Winrate is extremely low too.

What is he OP? Not at all.

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and 6 weeks later… i played ONE game!.. pirat ship! diamond elo heal after this long time and my team dies instant against bastion… this 1 seconds teamfights are so fun! pls more 500+ dps charakters blizzard! pls!!! ITS SOOOOOO MUUUUUUCH FUUUUUUUN! jeff s u c k s

The one who created the game you like so much sucks?
Don’t think you want changes made to it then.

Honestly just leave if you don’t care anymore.

Oh no i encountered a pirate ship in A SINGLE GAME, because this was ONE match it instantly means the entire game is ruined by Bastion

He has around a 2.16% pickrate in Diamond.

the only stupid here is your post…flagged

sorrowstick 0 skill bastion main confirmed… wp! btw… delete bastion!

Don’t worry this guy just likes to troll people. Flag him for trolling and move on.