Be quiet or get suspended

I think blizzard should look into this. When u tell people how to counter other enemy setup like:

They got Phara, we need hitscans
They got the win/hog pushing our backline, we need reaper to quick handle him
They don’t have hitscans - get para 4 easy picks
Don’t feed Zarya shields

And you are getting reported because people just don’t care and think if they hit a brick wall with head hard enough it will work.
Most of us played OV1 before and can help those players get better, but instead we are getting reported and now I’m suspended for ONE month.
Think about some EXPERT grades or smth so those new players can know we are giving them good advices.
If you want this game to expand and don’t die like OV1 you need a good community. Now you are getting frustrated OV1 players in low ranks because of your BUG, we want to rank up and help other players instead we are getting reports.


Those lines are innocent enough. Your ban probably comes after those sentences. Maybe calling them names over comms? Or saying something toxic towards teammates. All caps and stuff. As the report says: The report for Abusive Chat does not count against people just asking for a switch.

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Nah… just report system is broken and abusive… Too many snowflakes in this era of gaming…

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Yeah we had a dps constantly feeding trying to “flank” in a 1v5 so I wrote “blablaname stay with our hog please”… and without any prior chat or whatsoever going on our HOG who apparently has no reading comprehension goes like “wtf you want from me asshole???” i’m not joking! Too many ppl are just completely rtd in this day and age.

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Agreed. But he won’t give the full story. Also, calling them snowflakes while proceeding to cry and complain about it on the forums. I’m not sure they realise the irony.

He’s got a 30 day suspension because he is being reported consistently in a lot of games.

He is also breaking the forum rules posting about it, so this should be flagged and removed. He also shouldn’t have access to the forums while suspended. But I guess he hasn’t logged out for awhile.


And you still going for post spam that doesnt bring anything in to conversation?

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Is that all of the log they have provided in regards to your suspension?

You know full well it isnt. He on a 30 day suspension. Which will have been at least his 4th suspension for it.

He’s on thin ice now when he returns.

It’s always posts like this that are actually telling quite a lot about a person. calling people snowflakes and saying nobody can handle anything shows.

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Just sending back to CoC and that all…

i can confirm that ANY suggestion might “offend” somebody so the REPORT is valid.
once you reach 50 or 60 reports (maybe?) you get autobanned

now its getting even worse, because they list with an IA your speech our of context, and it is enough any F word which means no harm and in inglish is like 1of 10 most used words - reports are valid

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your playing with and against ai bot amigo look at there names look how they move and use ults the second you’re doing to good one of them will feed no idea how your so blind

the word C**T is often used as a greeting amongst friends or acquaintances where i am from, doesn’t mean its acceptable to start saying it to people in game.

Also, it’s English.

In Australia yes, elsewhere, no.

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i mean you say that, but the part of england im from it is.

im telling you this as someone who lives there.

I also do, and whilst I use it a lot… It ain’t no greeting. Lol.

You’re probably being toxic in how you tell players.

In general, I agree with your opinion. Braindead players that have no idea how to play the game, would rather tell you to shut up when you give them advice and tell them how to actually improve and where the game is going wrong.

Instead of acknowledging that, they come up with some reason to blame you for how it’s going wrong.
My last game for example, I was told “A tank should be in our backline protecting our supports”

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You should do like me :hatched_chick: no vocal no chat just do your job correctly if others do the same you’ll win but don’t loose time giving infos they’re meanies and not socially kinds.

Just say the thingy once like " we COULD try blablabla i never say blablabla if it works " if they don’t listen fine

Oof … edit … i have kinda a hotel transylvania obsession. .

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Greetings @Sarvena ,

I know now why you are suspended for one month :sweat_smile: :joy:

Bug appear to all of us , mistakes are natural , no one is Perfect on this Earth, we all can make mistakes ,this kinda of bug ain’t apear anymore that’s only metter. :100:

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