Best way to fight against blizzard and their communist overlord


Stop giving them money.If this continues,we(the playerbase or atleast whats left of it)can cause a huge blow to the company.Switch to TF2 or Paladins if you want to play hero/class shooters.I just came here to tell you that dont support them anymore.They cant operate without your money.Theres a high chance I wont respond to the replies since Im not going to visit the forums anymore,so bye.See you guys on other better MP games.


But they already have china organ harvesting money no? So they dont need us. If they did, they would raise middle finger to china instead of rest of the worl like they are doing now.


“Best way to fight against blizzard and their communist overlord”

Best way to tackle blizzard would be zarya’s bubble or orisa’s fortify is a good way if you are a tank otherwise just keep an eye on when mei says her voice line you know her blizzard ULT is coming. As for the communist overlord I’m lost to who you are referring to…


You do realize that Blizzard’s issue is driven by Capitalism, not Communism, right? They don’t want to lose the Chinese market, it’s all about money. Capitalism is a system that is inherently immoral, because in Capitalism, people don’t matter, only money does.


I personally cancelled my pre-order of Wc3rf and I will not be giving a single penny to Blizzard-Activision ever again. I have been playing Blizzard games since DOS and WC1

Long live free Hong Kong. Sad times.


I stopped giving them money a long time ago, their biggest money-drain game was wow, you paid something like 40eur a month back then and of course you hated farming gold so you had to buy gold too :smiley:

They don’t produce anything but garbage since the OW release anyway (and that was a 1 time pay), I don’t even follow things like StarCraft II expansion packs and we all know how to get the stuff for frei just download it from the Internets :smiley:

The pay for games business model is dead long ago, great games like Apex are there for free to play.


Same but with the Blizzcon virtuaI ticket, really wanted that Sym skin but sod supporting this bull


Gotta disagree here. F2P is a thinly veiled cash grab designed to extort more money from dedicated players than a full priced AAA game. I’d much rather play now and play forever than worrying about the next barrier in a F2P game.


That’s too general of a statement. You can do full-price right and wrong and you can do f2p right and wrong.

Full price wrong: FIFA, NBA2K, Shadow of War, etc: You pay massively up front and only get half the game, at times you still have to pay to skip the absurd grind that’s only in there to annoy you.

Full price right: Borderlands 3: you pay, you have the game.

F2P wrong: Fortnite, etc: addictive mechanics, psychological manipulation, spending enforced by social pressure, with some games even outright pay 2 win.

F2P right: rather rare and mostly obscure games, often browser games. For example, I played a game where paying would give you pretty much nothing of consequence. There was no real reason to do it, except to support a good game (it was also called a “supporter account”, not “premium” or the like). I was glad to pay that. Another one would be a game where you build parties of 12 that play together for about a year in a browser game fashion. There are plenty of classes, out of which 4 are free. Since those are good and well-balanced classes, every party will have 4-5 players that play free classes, and it’s perfectly fine. You actually need the f2p crowd so there is no inherent divide between the premium and free player base. Both those games obviously weren’t created in the USA where Capitalism is pure extortion, exploitation and con-artistry by now.


If only obscure browser games are F2P done right I don’t think the concept has good representation.


https:// imgur . com/a/xC1PqJY


Already submitted a ticket to delete my account. They want to prioritise business over people’s lives? Cool, but not with me in their ranks. Buying Blizzard games is now officially like buying blood diamonds. I don’t want to be involved in that.


Yep yep. This is very true when we use capitalism as an absolute. In order for these systems to work in practise, it must be tempered with reason and wisdom. There must always be exceptions and regulations to the rules, otherwise it collapses in on itself. There must always be a Lich King.

Absolute capitalism is like survival of the fittest, however capitalism fails whereas Darwinism works. The issue with capitalism is that the lion never has his fill. He can always eat-eat-eat and never has to rest it off. Eventually all life in the jungle is consumed. Your bank account can never be too full.

We can apply John Nash’s theory to it. Capitalism is about absolute personal greed, but actually the best system is one where people work for their own gain AND the gain of everyone. That way, instead of everyone fighting over the blonde, they go for the other girls and everyone gets laid. I call this socialism. Socialism is regulated capitalism with safeguards in place to prevent silliness, yet socialism is demonised whereas capitalism is held up like an infallible religion.

Blizz is doing exactly what our system expects it to do. It cares about maximum profit above all other concerns. You as customers might be applying ethics to it, but there are no ethics in capitalism, at least not in absolute capitalism…

You can try to apply your own measly bit of control as customers by boy cotting Blizz for doing what they’re supposed to do within the system, but the system is all powerful and it is rigged against you. You are given the illusion of control but in truth there is none, at least while you continue to operate within the boundaries and rules of that system.

The Matrix has you.

However, it’s not all bad… like, it does mean I get to go to a restaurant and sit down and eat some juicy and delicious meaty thing and listen to some lady play the harp. Without the control that capitalism provides, that lady might smash me over the head with the harp and feast upon my juicy bits. So, I’d need some other form of control. Maybe I’d control her with violence, the supreme authority from which all other authorities are derived. Not sure how long society would last in that situation though.


no, Socialism is absolute control of the means of the production by the state… and is nothing like you have described, otherwise cold war Russia would have been a paradise (they were socialists), and Venezuela would not currently be a toilet of human misery (they are socialist)

what you are describing, and calling socialism is in fact, “morally controlled capitalism”… the funny thing is, we actually had it, back when peoples base nature was kept in check by the teachings of the church, morals were high, and capitalism’s greedy nature was kept in line and thus the system worked, and it worked quite well

now… im not religious, but, I have morals which I arrived at through my self education and self control

unfortunately, a very small portion of the population are able to raise themselves above this base instinct and hence needed “religion” to keep themselves stable

again, unfortunately, with the decline of “religion” in the west, moral standards that kept the ugly side of capitalism mostly in check has begun to decay the system (think of a engine running fine, and over time losing oil, eventually the system seizes and doesn’t work anymore)

alas, there is no solution to this other than “raising morality” amongst the populace and there is only two ways of doing that, 1. religion (or something like it, EG - climate alarmists) or 2. education and punishment (specifically about the eccentricities of human nature, and a weapon of some sort to force people to tow the line)

all socialism will do is leech the workforce of their drive and ambition, stagnating production and causing the already broken machine to burst into flames under the weight of an ever increasing belligerent and unenthusiastic work force


No, that’s just what you’ve been taught socialism is by the people who don’t like socialism. :sweat_smile:

What you’re describing is communism.


no, actually its what i have taught myself, by listening to both sides of the argument, studying history and all aspects of both capitalism, and socialism

and no, what i am describing, is socialism, because socialism, and communism on the scales we are talking (E.G countries) ends up having to be the exact same thing otherwise it doesn’t work at all

also, perhaps try reading the entirety of the post before staunchly planting your flag in either camp… i think you will find the middle ground a far nicer place


Well, you’ve taught yourself incorrectly, but then socialism is just a word. You can apply any definition you like to it if you want to. :woman_shrugging:

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: “flag”?


no, ive absorbed the information available and arrived at a logical conclusion that being any system of governance other than morally controlled capitalism on the scale of a population above 1000 or so, does not work in the long term

indeed I can, and I do so logically, and logically socialism and communism are two veins of the same core system of governance

yes, the declaration of your being/self, once planted denotes the persuasion of your loyalty (from medieval times when subjects belonging to a nation or / tribe, would have a flag which they pledged to a cause/belief) planting ones flag - committing yourself to an area/idea/belief/etc


Dude, you are just masking your hatred of everyone who is different from you by being utterly ignorant and missinformed about pretty much everything.


me?, or endoftheline?