Best year yet profit wise , but


so blizz announced it was one of the best years for profit , yet they then sack 700-800pple on one blow — they say no new games planned for 2019 !! we are only in february now !!!

they say they want to hire 20% more design team staff !! why sack the ones you had !!!

overwatch for all the " normal player base " is getting no new content or anyting for last 2 years , they are obviously concentrating on owl now , and rumours suggest it could soon be free to play – where does that leave all the millions of players that bought the game from day 1 – a massive kick in the teeth again .

apex legends anfd fortnite putting overwatch to shame with its content , overwatch players need and demand new content frequently and updates and the game balancing once n for all , up to now they were not too bothered because no serious competition on the market , but now its make or break !!


I am not trying to defend Blizzard here but

Even successful companies can fire people. Reasons are too many to list. Especially today when jobs in technical fields are expanding so rapidly and new ones are being created constantly.

This is unfair. We are still getting new characters and maps. If events is all you care about - they are of a lesser importance than the other two.

You still played the game for years. For what, 30 dollars? And you are mad that F2P will get the same content you paid for probably years ago? Come on, I don’t like F2P either but this is not a good reason.

May I remind you that Counter Strike didn’t have that much content attached to it yet is a beloved game that has been popular for years? Dota 2 has a single map and is the very same? Quantity does not equal quality.

Its still different genres. The games appeal to different audiences. Furthermore Fortnite was similarly successful and it did not kill Overwatch.


characters/heroes /maps are not classed as new features or content , all that does is add to a already unbalanced roster , and they fired up to 800 pple some of which were doing a realy good job , then they announce they want to hire 20% more developers/designers , blizz is a multi billion dollar company yet nothing new planned for this year , concentrating too much on owl , i dont watch or care about owl i want to play overwatch , so i want mew stuff more rerquently and interesting its stale and if you dont think so you are in the minority of players .


What??? Yes, what, I don’t know what else to say to that.

How do you know they did? And even if they are aces at what they do they might not have been the people Blizzard needs at the moment.

What stops you? Oh wait, I know, unbalanced game, no content and it is all OWL’s fault. Ok.

I am sorry, I did not know I was speaking with some sort of a player ambassador here. Are you sure they didn’t at least try to get a guy who uses capital letters?


this just shows that you do not read facts , i know they did because they announced this publicly , and also you need to go watch the top streamers aswell that do not class heroes or maps as " content /features " new game modes , new events , new rewards more easy to obtain etc is content .


Wait wait wait, what are you saying, do you expect the company to publicly shame their former workers? Also do you expect the same people to continue working the same positions even though changes inside their work place have been made(for example going heavily into the mobile market)?


Great points! He’s really biased here.


I still cant play what i want when i want, and to have good experience one must one trick, and if one plays what they want all they get is hate toxicity etc great game everyone was good while it lasted time to uninstall.


If we can believe what was said in the letter then it’s non-dev that is impacted.
But I think it’s still important to know what their plans exactly are. Are they going to outsource? Use local Blizzard personnel in other countries? Which countries? Which departments exactly? Which services?


2019 will be quiet, the usual new hero, map, etc. but J. Allen Brack said that what we currently have of Overwatch is just a small part of the whole universe and they plan on expanding it.

Blizzcon 2019 will have big announcements, I’m 100% sure of it.


If i where Blizzard i just release 3 new support heroes and 3 new tank heroes and release role queue and role based SR and MMR do it in 1 huge patch game will boom again, then for rest of year keep fixing things adding new content and not just balance around high elo actually look at the data for each rank rather and balance according to that.


This is what happens when you answer to the shareholders, rather than your colleagues, and customer base. Personally between this news, and Red Dead’s crunch times, I think the entire gaming industry needs to unionise.


Im pretty sure that’s what shareholders want, its like 1 shareholder has shares in both PUBG and Fortnite then 1 player is mad pubg is in bad state starts playing fortnite they still make money, then player gets unhappy about fortnite and moves back to pubg nothing changes. :thinking: