Blizzard fix your favouritism already

In Diamond currently every f’n game is simply decided by who has the better Sojourn/Genji. I’m sooooo f’n tired of your st. Can you just chop off the virtual hands of your balancers maybe, thanks.


They have always struggled with balance. They clearly haven’t learnt how to manage it. The balance should be controlled by a third party group, not incompetent people - as they clearly are.

OW2 was meant to break away from inbalances, they’ve just made it alot lot worse getting rid of the one tank.


well the statistics will show if this is true. If the overal winrate of genji and sejourn is too high, they will deal with it but I never have this issue. Sometimes you have a good genji on the other team so you counter… By asking for a winston/zarya/zen (discord)/focus him down with turrets (torb)/… Some coordination.

A huge problem is also that they removed all Genji counters by removing all the CC.
As genji is the most mobile hero by far he goes completely uncontested except for Sombra, but Sombra won’t get the same value as Genji so it’s an unfair trade.
How they could do this without nerfing Genji accordingly is mind blowingly stupid.

if everyone plays them… surprise 50% winrate! Winrate alone cannot indicate that. High pickrate shows imbalance.

Not everyone picks them every game. Genji is not even part of that meta those pro players were playing.

Of course Einstein, not everyone picks them. But as more people pick them, more winrate on genji becomes less indicative. So beware, on a trend of high pickrates, the metric you are watching “winrate” is actually becoming less and less reliable and relevant. Pickrate is more important.

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That’s because it was being played on a different patch.

A patch we don’t get to play on til next week.

I think pickrates are a dumb metric compared to winrates.
Many people will always play genji because you really expect people to not play the cyborg ninja? Just because something is popular doesnt mean they should nerf it to the ground. That would only do harm to the game if all the fanfavorite characters are just bad.
Might aswell buff Torbjörn and nerf reinheardt to the ground if thats how we should balance. I like how they balanced before this patch, from the top down. Now theyve nerfed genji and sombra but not sojourn despite sojourn being the strongest dps in highranked. Why? I can only see 2 reasons… 1, she’s not as good and picked as much in lowrank because people cant get value from her railgun. 2, same reason as tracer had, she’s the face they show for the game so they cant make her not be the best dps.

Not any more.

Genji is now in the bin, and Tracer has a bug that has massively buffed her.

I must say, sojourn can make the difference… I play at master rank. people don’t miss that one hit-kill skill. She can get a nerf imo