Blizzard needs to fix their support tickets

Honestly I have been playing overwatch since 2017. I have never had such bad experience with a gaming company before in my life till overwatch 2. The unnecessary bans and the way there is no staff checking anything. My account was recently compromised and it took awhile to get it back because I had no real human helping me. Then after a couple days of finally getting my account back… the person used up my coins to buy a phara skin and even got my account SUSPENDED. I had full proof of my account being compromised, multiple tickets of me trying to get my account back, and I even had the logins… They were all the way in hollywood!! (Which is in a complete different STATE from me) somehow blizzard keeps being a horrible company and replies with

"Greetings _____,
This is Ienoighta Blizzard Entertainment Game Master.

I have reviewed the account and confirmed there are no signs of compromise to your account.

I have also reviewed your appeal regarding the penalty on your Overwatch 2 account. After careful investigation, we have confirmed that the actions in question violated the Overwatch Code of Conduct. The specifics of this violation include use of abusive language."

A joke of a company.

I have the same experience as you. The account was compromised, and the GM helped recover it, but they were reluctant to unblock Overwatch. Later, I appealed the penalty, but gave me the same reply as you, the account was not compromised, and the penalty will not be revoked.