Blizzard Reduces Penalty For HeartStone Player


Blizz seems to learn their “lesson” after the wrong decision. At this rate they will remove the penalty soon. And this goes to the paid bootlicking forum trolls :rofl::joy:

Video game developer Blizzard Entertainment has finally broken its silence after banning a professional player of popular virtual card game Hearthstone for voicing support for the Hong Kong protests. In a lengthy statement, the company says it will reduce the one-year suspension of player Ng “Blitzchung” Wai Chung to a six-month one, and it will restore the prize money it withheld from him.




should have removed it since they didn’t do anything to the american players who held up a sign stating the same thing blitzchung said


but that wasnt in a game, it was outside


it was at the end of a match and Blizzard even cut the feed and never showed the players for the rest of the tournament