Blizzard simply do not care?

Ok guys, so I visit the forums from time to time however I haven’t really spent much time in the comp section but below are the top threads on this section at the time of writing this topic to which all of these are complaints about the state of the comp side of game for one reason or another.

  • Impossible to win a game at the weekend? - Complaint about matchmaking

  • Why do i lose so much SR when someone leaves the game - Complaint about broken ranking

  • -30 sr for losing a game where everyone left but me - Complaint about leavers

  • Gold kill with healer nearly every game - Complaint about matchmaking

  • I started tracking sr loss and gains, and i’m confused - Complaint about SR

  • Stop asking “how you under 900sr” - Complaint about matchmaking

  • It’s amazing how unplayable low rank play is becasue smurfing - Complaint about exploit

  • Losing Sr after rejoining game and winning - Complaint about SR

  • This game is trash - Speaks for itself

  • Why have I been placed in plat? - Complaint about ranking

  • Sr gain/loss broken as hell - Complaint about SR

All the points seem valid and haven’t changed too much from season 1, however this is one of the few communities where the vast majority of the comments are negative. But the negativity is not the fault of the community as if people don’t voice their opinion then the developer doesn’t know there is anything wrong.

All of the above issues around ranking and an unclear SR system and matchmaking issues, to which these can be solved by Blizzard should they wish, but it seems they just don’t care enough to do anything about it and would prefer to have endless threads about how bad their product currently is.


Even if the devs read these forums (they do not), making posts complaining about how bad the game is won’t help. I know from experience, I happen to be an expert at making these posts. It’s especially unhelpful if you don’t actually describe what the issue was.