Brig Nerfed, and Goats With her; But is it Worth it?


As we all know, Blizz nerfed brig’s stun, which was a huge part of what people thought of and the “I want to delete this hero” thing, but the armor was still too OP, so Blizz nerfed all the armor too. yeah, blizz kinda killed GOATS and Brig with the armor nerf, but was it rly worth it? a lot of people will rather not to play tanks now because they’ll die much quicker, and with the mccree buff of the fan the hammer it’s even worst. As a tank main, i can tell you it’s already pretty frustrating to play as a tank, with the fan the hammers and the “pinned stunned hacked booped” thing, so it’s gonna be even worst with the armor nerf… they also nerfed brig with the patch, but as I said before, they also killed most of the tanks that armor is a big part of their health pool.
I know they did it to nerf goats and also cus they wanted to bring dive back a bit to the meta and make people play more tracer and genji, but I still thing it’s not worth it.
What’s your opinion on this?


Activision-Blizzard doesn’t give two figs about your average Reinhardt like myself. They want the pro scene to have a different meta because viewers aren’t that happy about it.


Yeah, but don’t you think they care, even if a bit, about their average player base? They’re killing tanks rn, also when they added the nerf. It’s like they really want the 3 dps meta to be back and people to pick more DPS characters.


No, I don’t think they care. If they did they’d have to implement trickle down balancing from GM and not to the pro scene.

Fact is, Reinhardt is a character who takes skill. A whole lot of it. He’s compmetely unique and hard to balance as he is constantly on the verge of being overpowered or underpowered. I struggle with Reinhardt because my average team does not communicate well, execute plans well, work, enable, support or back me up as they should.

They cannot balance for us because we don’t know how to play the game, so they probably stop caring.

As far as D.Va goes, she was the only tank out of line, fair nerf.


Its totaly worth it and hey wanna know something? Brig and goats are still OP and have 75%+ pick rate in the PTR on the armor nerf patch. I can safely say that the nerfs that are coming soon look worse then they really are. Goats will still be the best team comp in this game…

Perosanlly i believe that goats need a lot more nerf to be fair and balanced in high rank, and Zarya need a good nerf as well. Stats will show us soon thou, but im 100% sure goats will still be a good team comp especially on the maps that goats are uncountable unless you mirror goats your self. Brig is still op for the skill she takes to be played in high rank. And it’s funny that people called her balanced on release… yet 12 nerfs later shes still op… And the problem isnt that people aren’t on genji or tracer the problem is that 80% of high rank was goats. Meaning they made every dps unplayable thanks to Brig and Goats and not just dive. Personally i agree to this since i don’t play dive yet i still hate Brig…


I hardly see how PTR winrates are relevant to anything. Or PTR for that matter.


Its stats only from pro teams (a lot of pro teams) that are screaming vs each other trying to win and practice.
The 75% isn’t a win rate, its a pick rate, meaning pro teams are going goats to win vs other pro teams no one is even bothering to try any anti-goats strat even after the armor nerf and that’s the problematic part as Jake pointed out.
Wish they just add a 2/2/2 que so that they can keep Brig playable without crushing her because of 3 tank and 3 support comps.

Goats isn’t about armor its about there durability cds and ult working together to always be able to win a fight no matter what…

Like for example, Brig ult means that no one will die in the next 40 sec.
Rine/Zarya ult means 2 things
1 Wipe the other team
2 use it to stop the other team from comboing ults since they counter nearly every ult
Dvas ult is to combo with the other tanks.
Lucos and zen ults are there to stop every ult thrown by the other team.

The only weakness that goats have is Sombras EMP making them unable to use there ults to win every ult fight and thats without even looking at basic abilities like Zarya bubbles, Def matrix, Brig armor, Rine shield, aoe healing and a speed boost and dmg boost.
Over all there a really solid team and they will be next patch as well.

TBH this nerf just made this heroes unplayable outside of goats, in the end of the day they inspire people to play this heroes in goats only for the deff cd cycling and having the best ult combos in the game. Like Brig is really really bad outside of goats but in goats shes the most easy hero in the game.


Permanent dive meta will it be worth it ? yes if you have hero pool that consist of only dive heroes.


TBH goats are basically slowly turning into dive, getting close to you and then brawing with you since they are mostly close ranged heroes.
Its like dive but they dont use distance cutters but deff cds + Lucio to close the gap and murder the other team.
It’s the same principle, coordinate on someone and kill him then move to the next target. Dive was hold M1 same is goats, most easy strats seem to be the most consistent once.


I feel like the nerf was a tad excessive and it kind of makes a vicious circle because it will always be a meta and people will always want it deleted.


You can tell which heroes Blizzard cares about because they’re always on top. Tracer was out of the meta for 2 seconds and the entire community lost its mind over how “OP” Brig was. So they took her out behind the wood shed and dealt with her, now we can get back to having a Tracer constantly harassing the backline in every game. I can’t tell what’s worse for the game, Blizzard listening to the community or Blizzard doing what they want.


Goats was never a problem because it was good, people refuse to play anything else. The reason it has a high pickrate is, frankly, a religious level of attachment to it.

Ignore what the pros are doing, if they liked the game they wouldn’t need a paycheck just to log in.


It’s hard to ignore consistency.


I couldn’t agree more, and when the pros are so consistently incorrect it makes listening to them a silly idea.


No they really dont give the tiniest crap about the average player. The buffs/nerfs are solely for OWL


It’s not to bring back dive, it’s to bring back the dps role.

In Blizzard’s mind, dps should now counter goats.
Or more precisely, armor heavy comps.

Which I doubt it will… But we’ll see in owl season 2.

(if you don’t care about the pro’s fine, but they play the game correctly)


i always thought “playing a game correctly” meant attempting to extract as much fun as possible for your money I.E playing what you like, when you like without regard to wins/losses etc etc,

the pros however attempt to minimise effort and maximise potential advantage to ensure wins because its a job to them, just like how anyone does a job, least effort for maximum effect… this… however efficient is not exactly my idea of fun

so… if the pro’s are “playing the game correctly”… i don’t think i ever want to play it or any game correctly


Is she nerfed already? didn’t notice a thing.
Enjoy brig while u can :slight_smile:

Playing tanks might be frustrating but someone has to do it. In comp when u get wiped twice in a row because tehere is no orisa or rein to protect against the insane amount of dmg what healers cannot outheal ppl should be switching right away, sadly in bronze this is just not the case.


I agree with your point about bringing back the dps role. I mean that section of heroes is the largest and Overwatch was advertised as a team-based fps not a speedy brawling game.

The pros play the game at the highest level on the patch it’s on but it’s not always the correct way to play at all ranks on the ladder.


Nerfing Brig made goats stronger because you cant stun rein through shield anymore,meaning that the only her who could have countered(even thou this is the same hero who started it) is now useless against it