Bring Pink mercy back! I OWN HER!

Bring Pink Mercy Back

Whoever’s saying no, is a selfish person!

First of all there are so many people selling these pink mercy accounts for like 250 dollar to up to 10k dollar which could have gone to actual research of breast cancer and not some scamming or overpricing abusing person on the internet… it’s a terrible thing.

Blizzard has the easiest fix ever, Bring her back and release another PINK skin for the heroes i’m PRO and I own all the good skins including PINK AND ATLANTIC MERCY… People on the switch never even got a chance to buy them… drops mic here… blizzard if you support breast cancer bring it back because the prices these accounts go for… it’s terrible there are so many LFG lobbies just made to sell pink mercy skins…

I rest my case… if she doesn’t come back blizzard doesn’t support health and if people hate on this post because they own this skin and see it as a legacy you should think about yourself as a human being because it’s a selfish thing to say.
This skin was a thank you note for supporting the charity event to support research in breast cancer and not an I’ll buy the skin because pretty…

Ps. I had multiple family members fighting breast cancer, and it’s legit honest to god so frustrating that blizzard isn’t stepping up AGAIN to things happening where they can actually reach out and help the community for the greater good.

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bringing back an item that was advertised and sold as “exclusive” “one time” campaign would constitute a scam that possibly has potential for legal trouble in many parts of the world.

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Also, if your buying an account just for a skin it has, then that says more about you than the seller.

The fact these skins are rare makes them better.

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Personally i wouldn’t see anything wrong with running the same promotion again, for charity like…

or maybe doing a cyan blue one for men’s prostate c4ncer charity, or a host of other kind of charity skins

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doesn’t matter how you see it, advertising an item and changing it after purchase (for example removing its exclusivity) is a scam.

not necessarily, but i do see your point…

although you would have to be some kind of karen to not overlook such a thing for charity

Supporting a different charity once each year would be a nice touch.

Unless you make 1 and annual event. (Ignore Keta, changing terms after a period of time is not a scam. It was a limited time event. If it came back for 2 more weeks, it’ll still be limited time)

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I would love to see a “Hobo 76” skin, to support homeless charity


Tbf. A hobo 76 skin would be funny and totally worth it, even without the charity.


Rifle all junky looking, biofeild can be a can of beans…

green threadbare vet jacket, woolen purple beanie, boots with the soles hanging off so you can see his toes the whole 9 yards


Bring it back i dont understand why theres such an issue with bringing it back, they brought demon hunter sombra back in a weekly challenge for halloween which was a smack in the face to those who brough blizzcon for the goodies, so whats the difference? Limited means its wasnt limited indefintly, i dont get why blizz wont bring it back when people are exploting massive amounts of money for accounts that have pink mercy where as if they release it the money goes again to a good cause, its just silly not releasing it.