Bronze and silver are a mess right now


In lower rank like bronze, or silver contains newbies or starters which doesnt’t know the game well the problem is after the reaper buff patch gone live he’s everywhere in those ranks and players can’t do anything about it because they dont know how to counterplay him, it just like if you have a reaper on your team you win and playing tank is feeding! Blizzard might consider adjusting heroes state based on the rank they’re in or it will be harder for new players to rank up!


So would this mean we change heroes in bronze / silver?
Would be pretty stupid…

Like giving tracer 300hp, bc nobody survives as her, bäng you are in gold now, and your hero only is half as good as you learned them?

Hope I misunderstood you.

(tracer idea is the same as reducing the lifesteal on reaper, the hero plays differently.

What I know from friends which are stuck below gold:
He mostly doesn’t care what the heroes can do, the only important thing is MEI IS THICC.
But they complain about beeing low rank.


While I agree that Reaper is a problem in lower ranks, I don’t think that changing stats is that good of an idea.

For example: You’re in low plat and you’re in a game against golds.
Your hero will be weaker than the gold player’s (even though you both have about the same amount of skill)


Or here me out on this.
They can lose until they get gud or learn to play goats?
They might be vs smurfs as well.
Everything is op in low ranks… that the beauty in it.


As others have pointed out, if you adjust them for different ranks, you’d have this point of overlap and you’d also end up having to totally relearn strats for dealing with these specific heroes.

Your best option is to communicate with your team. If you have newbies, ask if they would mind playing whoever counters Reaper etc. Failing that, counter yourself and try your best. It’s not ideal but it’s better than getting even more frustrated.


Reaper is one of the easiest heros to counter or just straight up avoid in the whole game.

Mcree: Flashbang + FtH, dead.
Hanzo + Widow: Headshot from a range Reaper could never hope to contest you from, he has an enormous hitbox so it’s an easy shot. Don’t take a duel with him ofc, but you can matrix him to shut him down for a couple seconds, saving anyone he’s shooting at and giving your team time to focus him down.
Ana: Nade to shut down healing and with his huge hitbox he’s the easiest sleep you’ll ever have.
Brig: Shouldn’t really take a duel with him anymore but can stun him to allow her team to focus him and boop him away.
Lucio: Same principle as above. Boop him away, speed his victims away from him.
Hog: You might be surprised to find me suggesting this, but if you have the mechanics then hog can actually duel a reaper and win, especially a weaker reaper. At that level a Reaper will simply swagger straight up to a hog, walking in a straight line, expecting an easy kill. This is a perfect time to hit him with the “one shot combo” (Shoot primary or alt fire, depending on distance, hook, walk forward a lil bit whilst the hook is pulling him in, shoot primary and then melee).
Mei: Basically what you would expect, freeze him whilst moving erratically and headshot him. If he survives that, he will mostly likely wraith to escape, wall off his escape route and repeat once wraith ends.

That’s just the ones that i can be bothered typing out just now. A Reaper will only ever be as big a threat as you allow him to be. Not to be disrespectful my friend but if your profile icon reflects your hero choices (i.e. you main Hammond) I would consider other options. He’s a difficult character to play that requires good follow up from your team and he is so so easy to counter, especially by Reaper.