BS: Pharah+Mercy forces 3 people to switch

Just because one team gets a Pharah to go Pharmercy why does the other team have to switch both dps to hitscan AND Brigitte off as she’s dead meat vs Pharah?
This is just bs, stop forcing people to play these very specific heroes every 2nd game, cause everytime a team is losing they’ll switch to Pharmercy and the game will just be a trollfest after that.

The more hero’s are playable in OW, the more counterswitching will be a thing. It is difficult to avoid when having characters with much diversity.

Counter switching is enable by their weird decision to persist with the 30% ult charge thing. That needs binning off asap. (You are literally at a disadvantage winning the first fight quickly if you’re attacking).

But to the OP. You don’t have to swap. Some times the best “counter” is just to play the map smarter, and run over the 3 on the ground.

(Also, given the tanks that are strong and that Kiriko exists… You shouldnt be playing brig right now)

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