Buff/Change Soldier


It’s almost impossible to play soldier now with all the changes and sniper meta. Something has to be done, this hero’s been on the bench for too long.


Done in next patch, see armor changes.


Can’t find the patch notes, can you elaborate?

Is soldier directly getting buffed? Or is something getting nerfed that could make him stink less?


Damage reduction by armor got reduced from 5 to 3. This is an indirect buff to Soldier’s damage against tanks.


Not enough.

He needs a direct buff, right now he sucks against every other DPS (excluding pharah)


You don’t even really play soldier. With what evidence are you suggesting the next patch won’t help him


You may be right, but that doesn’t mean I can’t notice how poorly he performs.


he’s gay now. should be enough of a buff.


That made me laugh too hard :joy:. But no he shouldn’t be buffed at all, we never really had a problem with him in the past, if you wanna look at characters that are on the bench too long it’s genji, tracer, mercy, and too to be roadhog and Orisa when reaper comes out. That’s the few heroes that are on the bench because of stupid designed hard counters like brig and Moira and reworks on heroes like mercy that made them pointless in the game


Genji and tracer were only benched at low ranks.
Mercy isn’t on the bench. Anyone who says she’s bad is wrong.


I’ve been in high diamond with other master and GM players who have all said that Genji and tracer aren’t even picks anymore because they are hard counters. Even alot of players like seagull who are known to be top 500 genji players are saying that they aren’t playable because genji and already had alot of counters and it’s a high skill based hero but all of a sudden, brig and Moira who are supposed to be supports make it even harder for the heroes to be played, and all the support will have to be kept on those heroes.

Mercy I don’t know what you’re talking about saying she’s good :joy::joy::joy:. The new mercy all its trying to encourage is DPS mercy’s. Having Valkyrie as an ability and Rez as an ultimate again would make mercy more of a pick because everyone knows Moira is a better healer than mercy is since, mercy’s Valkyrie can get countered by, road, genji, solider, mcree, widow, hanzo, Ashe and some other heroes making flying for mercy somewhat pointless. And Rez is just stupid because you can only get a Rez off if they are moving away or the enemy team don’t have monitors because Rez back in the day was amazing since it was able to turn the tables making the fight more interesting. Now it’s just kinda dead no real use to the hero when you can go broken Moira, heal groups of people, heal and damage people at the same time, and your ultimate can heal and damage at the same time


So you are basically saying that genji and tracer are bad & moira op rn ?

Hurr durr