Bug ? wtf is going on


i played a game in tank and i had to go so i quit at the start and the game deranked me to masters (the game took 10 sr)
is it a bug???


what? can you explain a little more what happened?


ok so i played tank in comp and i had to go so i left the game at the start (i lost 50 sr in tank and its ok) but now im master in dps (i was gm)
the game just erased 10 sr from my dps role


you should contact blizzard and report the bug


i did in the bug report forum


So you queued up for a comp game as a tank and had to leave, so you stopped the queue before you got into a game and you lost 10 sr? is that what i’m understanding?

if that’s the case hope that your report got picked up on, because that’d be a crappy way to lose SR. For anyone.


i found a game as tank
and i left at the start because i had to go so i lost 50 sr with tank (and its fine) but i lost 10 sr on the DPS role as well and i dont know why
and now im 3990 sr :confused:


Could be working as intended. Bottom line is that leaving has to be punished - so why keep it to only the current role? Especially considering that there is no more SR decay, this would be one way to keep players from camping on a certain SR in one role.

I mean, it’s a bit like saying: Yeah, I killed a guy and I understand that I have to got to prison for 15 years, but they also told my mom, and she’s angry so she won’t cook me dinner when I get out in 2034.


But blizzard hasnt informed us about this