Butch Cassidy is a robber and horse thief

Cole Cassidy is McCree’s new name. And as you know, Butch Cassidy is a robber and horse thief, and it seems that it is in his honor that the Cowboy is renamed.
What did the real McCree do that would be worse than robbery and horse stealing?


The thing is… nobody knows. The guy (McCree) has only been linked to sexual harassment “allegedly”. So basically; he’s judged before an official charge… /facepalm…

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Actually all evidence was found to be true and the company have had to pay a settlement.

It was a civil suit, so there was no “judging” needed. The suit was only taken once all the evidence was verified, thus the company had zero room for manoeuvre.

They had already quietly moved most the guilty people out of the company before they officially got handed the suit as a way to try fight the fire before they got too burned.

Now as a business they are just tidying things up and changing practices (quite a few names have changed across their games), restructured management and put other procedures in place.

Other than the settlement, they were never really impacted financially, and with the release of Vanguard, and build up to OW2 and D4… they will probably be making even more money than they were before.

He also not named after Butch Cassidy. So I’m sure it isn’t a problem.

Watch out guys, it’s RodimusPrime, CEO of Blizzard.

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Lol. The best you’ve got?

You not read anything in the news, or watch anything about the markets. It was all there for you.

1 step off a perma ban for toxic behavior and you still play this troll card… lol

Can you please provide me with a link to the courts decision or other (say) police reports in which mr. McCree is officially charged with sexual misconduct? I probably missed it. All I’ve read is that he was ‘linked’ to the Cosby suite and allegedly did things… I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

What courts decision? It was a civil settlement. It never went to a court to decide.

They paid around $18million, and essentially promised to do better.

He was not only “linked”, but photographed and named and shamed in verified testimonials.

Ok, can you link that perhaps? I really did not see that anywhere.

Can’t share links. Google will help. Where you can see the state is trying to stop their settlement now as I suspect they want to make a bigger example

Sadly, the $18mil is already well above the norm so it probably won’t change without laws changing.

All I read is that they paid 18 million. I can’t seem to find any proof regarding Jesse McCree other than he ‘was linked’ to the Cosby suite, a WhatsApp screenshot and that Blizzard fired him. Nothing solid.

If someone gets fired from their job and ‘allegedly’ did something (or not) does that make them guilty by default? Every single website I find about this says “allegedly” and “linked to”. Blizzard ‘probably’ fired him because the rumors were there and went by the old saying “if there’s smoke…”

It means they have sufficient evidence to take the actions they have.

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It means they have sufficient evidence to take the actions they have.

Says who? Where’s your proof that they do? You ASSUME they have?

No assumptions are needed.

The legal paperwork can’t be processed without hard factual evidence and testimonials, that have been checked. It took the state a few years to get everything in place.

The state cannot get to this point without it being provable. And they have hundreds of verified testimonies.

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Yet you can’t find anything where it specifically states that about McCree. As far as I know, only Afrasabi was specifically named. Maybe they fired McCree just because the rumors were there. Sometimes, you throw away the entire bucket when there are few spoiled apples in there. I think they call this “damage control”…?

They don’t have to publicly disclose anything, especially when it involves legal proceedings.

And based on them settling, or trying to. They are trying to do it as quietly as they can. Which I get, not exactly something they want to shout about.

The name changing came from a wider ranging policy change. Character named after George Fisher was changed and a few others.

Quietly? lol…

As they don’t disclose anything specific, we don’t know anything. So, imho, they didn’t need to change his name. They thought they should but they don’t (See what I did here?) :rofl:

Even without this, they have every right to change his name for whatever reason they feel.

Also, of course it will be done quietly. It I’d algal process that people will have their hands tied so they can’t talk about with Joe public in order to preserve the integrity of the case… thats kind of how these things roll.

Abuse deniers use that to fuel their agenda.