Can we do something about leavers already?

its horrible having leavers in multiple games after each other losing points
for no reason do something about this please atleast let us nonleavers lose less points or something


What would you like them to do?

Put em in a cage when they leave? :truck:


Put them in a “leavers” queue, where they are teamed up with other leavers.
They can only leave that queue by not leaving.


They can’t queue for another game until the game they left is still active.



That’s what I’d do…since I couldn’t actually remove their spleen remotely.
My spork isn’t long enough.

Option 2 is probably doable. But not really sure it is much value.

If you leave ranked you are already in for a 15+ penalty so it is irrelevant. And if other modes, I am not sure leavers are a concern for them.

My thought was that they wouldn’t even be able to start their 15min ski lift ride (for any mode), until they waited out the end of the match they just left.

I guess the spork option is still on the table. Maybe it could be outsourced through Amazon.

I just think the systems they have in place to punish leavers are OK.

Could be improved, but they aren’t a major issue.

Personally I feel that the best punishment for leavers, is to only allow them to backfill.

The more that they leave, the longer their ‘backfill’ only restriction lasts for.

Leave once - 15 min ‘backfill’ only
Twice - 30 mins
Three times - 1 hour

Give the leavers a taste of their own medicine, by having them pick up the pieces of another leaver.


Interesting idea. Probably hard to implement though.

Not really, only if you’re dumb.

Hi there stalker. Not sure I asked you though.

But if you know how to code it into the games existing infrastructure then send it in.

Now you know how it feels, since you constantly reply to people that weren’t responding to you rofl. Bless your sad existence.

You’ve not added anything useful there.

How about, this… How would you code it?

Get… A… Life…?

Is that the new coding system they are using with the upgraded engine for OW2?

Backfill is the answe…

I love backfilling. If they do this, they should also give players the option to backfill only so we wouldn’t have to leave games to get the special queue.

Leave multiple matches/games receive a
-75% XP for like nine/9/IX

what ideas do you suggest?

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Omg I didnt notice because of hamster avatar now its reaper’s life buff. :rofl: :joy:

Its simple, the leaver losses 120 SR and the teammates only 10.

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Yeah he changes a lot lol