Can we make new heroes immediatly availible in competetive please?

In League of Legends, new Champions are in ranked from day 1 of release.

Many players ONLY play competetive. It’s a big buzzkill to have a new Hero “released” but you basically cannot play it for 2 weeks.

Would it really be so catastrophic to just allow us to play them IF WE WANT TO? Just like there is no “minimum play time” requirement for playing any of the other Heroes. What’s the big deal? Just let us have some fun with something new and exciting? Also this time my theory is that it would have a good impact on queue times as the new Hero is Support too.

I understand the delay is to “make people know the new Hero before they play it in ranked” but does it have any numbers to back up any positive impact of this restriction?

The restriction is also there to iron out possible bugs and to adjust the hero if they’re too op.
It’s the sensible option.


I don’t think that is true. We just recently heard that there won’t be any changes to Kiriko in the “mid season balance patch” and they only do bigger balance changes between seasons now.

It’s not the sensible option, it’s the “no fun allowed” option.

I sai “if they’re too op”. I didn’t say it would be the case this time. in the past, new heroes have been a must have in a team if you want to even have a chance of winning.
And even in a recent patch they fixed a bug on kiriko that could make her teleport under the terrain. Imagine if you’d been playing comp and that happened.

It’s not as much getting people used to playing with new heroes, it’s mostly for balancing and ironing out bugs, as mentioned.

Best playtest for a new hero is to put them into the game immediately and let people play them. But ranked isn’t the mode to playtest. So basically, consider this time period that they are not available for ranked a testing period, and there’s no harm in playing a few QP games just to get the hero ready for comp.

balancing and ironing out bugs happens in PTR. not in the live game.

So? Your point still isn’t valid, since new heroes are playable, just not for ranked. Just because you won’t play any other mode personally, doesn’t mean the hero is not available. There is no justifiable reason whatsoever to jeopardize ranked play by including a hero straight from PTR, just for your convenience.

“jeopardize ranked play by including a hero straight from PTR”


What is the problem?

You said it’s not becuase people are inexperienced with the Hero, so what is the problem?

It is 100% true.

And Kiriko not getting any changes doesn’t mean anything other than she doesn’t need anything right now as she’s ok.

Looks at Bastion and Torb…

Bastion had a game breaking bug and torb was op.
Unlike new heroes, the old ones only got tweaks but no proper testing before live game.
I 'm not sure if all their changes were properly live in the second beta.