Can't even get 7 wins... as Support

Many people are complaining about getting low ranks with high number of wins. I can’t even get 7 wins as an Gold OW1 Support main.

It’s often 1-1 to 1-2 or %99-%100 Defeat. No matter how much i heal either my team has no shield tanks to protect us or DPS who can’t counter or deal enough damage. I can’t simply carry my teams in games. Don’t know if there’s something wrong with matchmaking because getting too good enemy teams and too many Defeats in a row is just absurd.

Worst part is that i can’t see how many loses i got because apparently Blizzard made it impossible to check your pre-rank statistics.

I have a full time job, some days have to work for 12 hours a day. Can’t possibly spend such time on this game. I don’t care if i get ranked as Bronze, it’s so taxing to get even 7 wins. Make it stop!

it’s either 7 wins, or 20 losses.

I just now got 7 wins and went from Gold 4 to, wait for it… Gold 4. PogChamp lol

How many losses…

Just getting 7 wins doesn’t mean you rank up btw, you’ve actually got to perform too.

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Greetings @Alptraum ,

As far I remember it was a bug that appear to all of us and it was fixed by now.

Pretty sure matchmaking is at least 5x better then it was at Overwatch 1.

I’ve been playing one game CoD I think , when u had to stay alive and kill up to 9 enemies in order to use special ability like ‘‘Calling a helicopter/Air-Plane’’ I never menage it. 7 Wins will wait you no meter when you start playing, which is pretty good. :100: