Comic Book Tracer: Cheers, love! The artist’s here

Comic Book Tracer: Cheers, love! The artist’s here

We spoke with character art director Arnold Tsang about the creative process behind the latest Overwatch challenge skin, his love for comics, and what Tracer means to him.

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And we’d like to ask you guys when are we going to know stuff unrelated to Tracer.

OW built a pretty large character pool but we don’t know much more than their supposed background and for some it’s been years now.

I’m a huge Tracer fan and i’ve been waiting for a long time for her to get some cosmetics or media. And what did i get? AWFUL comics with DISGUSTING character design that makes ZERO sense (just look at that page when Tracer in a firefight with omnics - isn’t it strange that on the same page she has DIFFERENT weapons, which doesn’t even look like her blasters at all?).

While the comic is HORRIBLE, the skin is fine - Tracer is absolutely beautiful in it. BUT there is one thing that will prevent me from wearing that skin - her pants is painted with the most awful comic panels, which makes it even worse.

It’s just a spit at my face.

Thank you, Blizzard. For nothing.

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Blizzard team, this skin is looks like a hack job.
No seriously, lego bastion or dr Ziegler are much better

I hope you apologize to the fans of your game

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Apologise for what?

Because you like other skins more?

I like most of the classic skins more than the others… Should they apologise to me too?

The community for this game are so damn entitled. You don’t have to like everything they do. But behaving like the decisions they make are some sort of personal insult is a bit pathetic really.

Don’t like the skin? don’t use it.

Don’t like the comic? don’t read it again.