Comp can be really discouraging?

I have been playing comp for a little bit now, I have been playing overwatch since christmas 2016, and I am bronze dps and mid silver support and tank. I’ve noticed that the community is extremely toxic towards players of the lower ranks, bullying is all too common just because someone is at a low rank? And it feels like all the updates are focused on these really high ranking players? The competitive climb is so bad, I feel like it needs to be fixed, losing a game at these low levels taking away your points, IS TERRIBLE. The ammount of leavers, throwers, and smurfs, that go into a loss means that ranking up is pure luck. It’s also pretty discouraging when i’m in the zone, going off, and suddenly start getting screamed at by some 30 year old that im the worst player ever, when im just playing the game. It feels like the team is completely ignoring the lower ranks in favour of making the high ranked players happy. It’s lame, I see these buffs and nerfs which I completely don’t understand, but thats because they only make these buffs and nerfs because they only give a heck about the almighty grandmaster holy rank.

The best way for you to have less leavers and throwers is to team up with people and play with them. Climb with others and you will be good, it will open up new ways for you to work as a team. I highly recommend watching youtube tutorials to try and help you climb and improve as a player. The community is toxic, try not to let it get to you too much mate, mute, report and move on :slight_smile:

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In terms of balancing and updating the game, they should 100% be focusing on the top players then working down (in terms of priority).

If they balanced for bronze the game would be a total mess.

Top down approach is the best way.

(I am gold btw, so I also suck at the game lol)


I like your comment very much because there is a large portion of players on your SR level or even lower, that would say that they should not do that, they should make changes based on the bottom line.

I’m almost sure that a single DPS could 1v6 a bronze match.

lost 32 games and won 8 in comp during the weekend and not a single one was normal. 2 or 3 bots in a group. level 27 genjis and doomfists who solo kill teams, etc pp. I can confirm that “a single DPS cold 1vs6 a bronze match.”

pro tips find friends to play. i know i did

in the game i have lost so much SR when i first ranked i was gold, After that in the next session i was pulled down to bronze by throwers smurfs and so on.

From then on i have not been able to climb back up, I think it would be better to judge SR on a players own skill to climb not a win or loss of the match.

If you win then yes you get more for you contribution then you would if you lose but latest you would have a chance to climb over the others that just hold you back and go out of there way to throw the game and leave for no reason.

My friends all play in the high gold to plat so it,s not possible for me to work with them.