Comp coins in bronze

I have been playing OW for 5years and I love the game.
I jumped in comp as soon as I could.

I placed in bronze, and have been in bronze every season, that I have played ever since.
I don’t mind being in bronze, but what I DO mind, is the fact that I only receive 25comp coins, per role, when the season ends. Players in higher ranks ofc get more points.

The difference in the amount of comp coins is, to me an indication that you believe that as a low SR player I am less worthy of comp coins and therefore less worthy of for example golden guns.
There is no incitement for me to play more comp, since I every season fall further down in SR, and therefore still am not worthy of more comp coins.

So my question to you is: Why am I as a bronze player four times less worthy of a golden gun then a player in gold tier?


I can understand your view, to a point. But it is more of a reward for doing better.

You are not “less worthy”, you just get rewarded more for putting the work in (in theory).

And that’s the thing "in theory "

My friend plays five games and place in master, I play 15 games and place in bronze.

I am not a young person so my reaction time is not what it has been, and that’s okay, to me.
But even though I’m doing my best, and playing a lot, the incentive to keep going is just not there when the reward is so disheartening

I understand your frustration, but the points for golden weapons are given as a reward for playing competitive and also for being good at the game (being higher rank),
It’s not that you’re “not worthy” of golden guns. You just have to play the game more to get them. It’s either playing more, or getting better at the game (achieving higher rank).

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