Comp placements and matches are a joke

I just did all 5 of my tank placements.
Throughout my placements i had gold eliminations and damage. called the shots and ended up with 3/5 wins
I was against high plat and diamond players throughout my placements yet I was placed in 2445 55 off of plat.
I saw this as a huge disappointment and decided to play another match to get into plat.
I then got 2 silvers on my team and the rest gold. Yet the enemy team had 4 silver borders and 2 4 stars. My teammates threw so badly rushing in on their own and my healers doing nothing. I had gold healing and I was road hog. I then obviously lost the game as it was an extremely unfair match up.
I lost 86 sr.
I should be high plat or diamond yet i am now probably in a loop with gold players that throw. Is it even possible to get out of gold. I am 1 person not 6 so my teammates have a huge dependant on the game. Even if I was a top 500 player in gold i dont feel that i could get out as the matches are extremely unfair

Everybody who climbed went through the same as you. It’s possible and even though this sounds rude: Just get gud. Or stack with other player’s.

There is no climbing. Your SR is essentially randomly generated.

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