Competetive Hero selection "ALL" need's to change!

As the Topic says. Queuing for “ALL” in the Competetive selection. Thats the same as having “Tank”, “Damage”, “Healer” and “Healer”…

Those who Queue for “ALL” should have a 33.33% chance to get either role.

If I with 99.99% would like to play as a healer. I would choose healer in roles instead.
And with the Weekly Challenges. (Win 10 games queued for all roles)
I don’t want that to be “Play 10 games queued as a healer”

Can those who queues for all roles get like a seperate server?
Either way! It would be fair to get a 33.33% chance to get either a tank, damage or a healer.

The way it is now. Is just wrong.

Most people who end up playing support are the ones who queue for all heroes.
And if such a separate server would exist, it would only increase the queue times for dps and tank.

If you do not wish to play support, you can always just queue for damage and tank only.

Yea. But if you care for weekly challenges. Than you are forced to play ALL (healer)

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