Competitive has evolved into a joke


I really hate writing long posts, but maybe, just maybe someone will actually read this and eventually it will get better, but I doubt that at this point.

Over the last, lets say 3-4 weeks, I have really noticed a giant wave of negativity and toxic behavior in the community (at least on the sr i play on (~4k))

This has been around in the past but it really started exploding recently. There are constant insults and sometimes even racism in pretty much every single game I play these days. People are also egoistic as **** and seem to not care at all about their own sr as long as they can ruin the fun for everyone else.

Another big problem is people being extremely hostile to players like me who main heroes that arent that popular in the community. Its obvious that some heroes are “worse” than others but if someone is really good at that hero (no matter what it is) shouldnt you at least give him a chance ? Sadly, that doesnt happen. People start to get toxic as soon as you choose, idk lets say Symmetra. Is it really that hard to just accept everyone or at least give them one chance to prove themselves ?

There are only so many avoid slots and reporting doesnt seem to do anything these days. People get away with things they should never be able to get away with.

Shouldnt it be time to maybe start acting like an actual community and not like a bunch of kids ?

Just to make it clear: I do NOT care about winning or losing. I care about what happened to this community over the last few weeks.


Same here it became so unfun that all my friends hate it to play comp. I also rather play Sea of Thieves because the pvp is fun unlike here.


This post tells the exact reason why i quit playing comp. just to many people playing and speaking negative in comp. it is unbelievable.