Competitive is hard


Silver, gold, plat, diamond - all of these have that one common issue. Healers and tanks are only blaming dps players and on the other hand i have yet not seen a single dps player blame his team, be toxic or throw because of a poor teamwork and the ammount of effort they put into winning a match. There was not a single match LITERALLY dps wasnt blamed either on my team or enemy’s. So I did a little research on bronze and master+ on twitch…com to see what it is like in those ranks. Surprisingly enough bronze is the only rank i fell in love. Majority of the players are really friendly, polite and understanding, they work in team and listen to their teammates.
I am not going to make a conlusion on this topic since this is only my subjective experience, slight research and it will not change any of the players attitude onto the competitive matches.


Dps wont complain because even fhey know tbey aint pulling their weight. When tanks and healets are getting more kills and damage then you know there is an issue.

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dps are the worse people atm.They wait 10 min q and come ingame pissed off right of the bad and they perform very poor,2-3k is my bracket more or less,terrible experience,this 2-2-2 is the worse thing in game ever.


Most dps suck anyway. But they always think tbey are better then they actually are.