Competitive is weird

i played 6 games and won 5 games and lost one averaged 40-42 kills and over 10k dmg in all of them and was excited to maybe get up to gold one (was in gold 4) then ranked up to gold 3 the ranked system in weird af

If you were at the bottom of gold 4, you probably got to the middle or high gold 3.

If you manage a similar score again, you might reach low gold 1 in your next upgrade.

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Just focus on playing better and having fun.

Everything else will take care of itself. You will always be in the rank you deserve. (unless you deliberately derank)

Well, you did good, but not too much good in my opinion to be placed from Gold 4 to Gold 1, no hard feelings.

Hey Lalo,

The amount of damage and kills probably mean little in terms of visible rank progress.

The old days of OW1, Gold to Plat would be 500SR. Your 5 games won would account for say 20-25 SR per win meaning you would of only really gone up on division - though if you were inbetween two divisions, then you could of jumped two divisions.

What you’re seeing here looks to be expected.

Just keeping going with what you’re doing and hope that the matchmaker deals you a fair match, you’ll be fine :wink:

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