Competitive match making

The match making system is bad. In diamond and below you can play vs people 1000 rating higher or lower than you, meaning that a low silver can play with a low plat, skipping out on the gold tier entirely. I think that diamond and below should only be able to play with people of 500 rating higher or lower like in masters and above. The skill gap is really big at lower ratings and not as big at higher ones so it is unfair that people at low ranks (e.g. silver) can play with people that are 2 tiers above their own.

This only applies if you are stacking.

Which should come with the added benefit of better coordination, thus nullifying some of any perceived skill difference.

From what I’ve seen, the skill gaps higher up are much more noticeable. Where some silvers, golds and plats can happily coexist and have good games. The gap between a 3900 and a 4200, or a 4200 and a 4500+ player are insane.

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Many people including Stylosa have proven long time ago how OW ranking is broken.
They took few new accounts and ranked them one by one, and the difference between ranks of same person who ranked those account during one day were as wide as 1000 SR.

It obvious it will happen because OW ranking system was mostly designed to rank teams, NOT individuals.

There is no such thing as personal rank in OW, and it won’t ever exist with the ELO system in place, because that system was designed for something different. The only way to assure that people are ranked properly is to create a ranking system based on solo performance, and where win/loss condition is only a small fragment of the “judgement”.

Winning games takes the skill called working as a team.

It is a personal skill you can work on. Winning games should always be the biggest metric.

The system you theory crafted would ruin your experience even more. As it would lead to tedious passive play.

It is nice that you have an idea, but you have to think about it a little differently… why hasn’t it been changed. Could it possibly be because there isn’t really anything wrong with it.

So you would have to have some super, mega, glorious idea…

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