Competitive Rank Bug

I have problems with the ranking system since the update.
In my case, when I started playing competitive, with DPS, I was put in Bronze 1; regardless of winning 5 plays, I deranked to Bronze 2; after 5 more wins I was put in Bronze 4. Then I climbed to Bronze 3 and I´ve been stuck there.
But also it has happened to me in support position. I started in Bronze 1, then I climbed to Silver 5, and when I won 5 plays, it flashed like I was in Bronze 2 and climbed to Bronze 1.
I´ve seen that this also has been happening to my friends and a lot of people in general.
We would really appreciate any kind of solution and effort that the Overwatch team can make to fix it.
Thank you.

This isn’t bugged. This is your skill.

I’d suggest giving some codes to people for VOD reviews, maybe people can help you with some quick improvements.

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