Competitively, your game is a joke

You know, I use to rail on Jeff Kaplan, but hearing he left, I realized now. You’re a horrible company. All this time, a lot of what happens in this game wasn’t his fault and I can imagine the reason he left is you Blizzard/Activision. You and your horrible, awful, gawdy fanbase who can’t take criticism. When someone says something to improve it, your fanbase lives in denial and worships your horrible mistakes. It’s like watching a bunch of people worship Donald Trump again.

Your game is unbalanced as living hell and yet, you and your fanbase live in denial about it. Whenever I explain to someone that in order for characters to be played, the game has to constantly be balanced so that some characters suck for a whole month and some characters are godlike, people who are not bias and have no inclusion in the game realize “That’s not balancing the game. If everyone is not viable consistently enough and they have to do that, that’s pathetic.”

You can’t take any criticism and constantly block it, delete it or live in denial about it and so does your putrid fanbase.


You sound like a nice person too.

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Okay, now can i get your sources OP?

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i agree pharmacy every game on console and i seem to get the players that have 0 idea what they doing how can you ever gain any rank when all u get are trolls.

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It’s because the overwatch team wants this to be everyone’s game while the other dev team wants this to be a competitive game. Not everyone is causal not everyone is competitive but most players are either in low elo or play QP Open queue is QP, so you get this weird mix of brigs can hit GM by existing and insane skilled players can’t get past high master

Basically its easier to master CC characters than it is aiming

7 months later .kekw

lmao i didnt notice xd

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