Competive update to fix everything

Hello everyone,

Ive played from season 4 all the way to this day.
I’ve noticed that people are ”rage quitting” a lot more from competive games and that causes team lose the match for sure.
Now everyone is being punished if someone leaves, why?
Competive climb is impossible and placements is broken aswell.
Game doesnt courage you to play the game when climbing to next league needs 100 hours of game time and even that its purely luck what kind of team you get.
Ive been 2.6-3k player all my life and now im even below that because of leavers.
My dps placements was 0/5 win and i got leaver 3 games out of 5?!

I think overwatch competive system should be similiar like in APEX.
Everyone starts from 0 points and once you reach next league like bronze for 1k points, you cannot derank from bronze.
Everytime season ends all of the player drop 1 league below.

For example if you got 2.5k points and you climb yourself to 3k (diamond) you cannot go less points than 3k even if you lose 100 games.
There is lots of people with your skill level and it’s good practice if you cannot win games.

When season ends and new one starts you drop 1 league down so you would be starting new season in platinium.

If you leave games by your own choice you should get banned and the rest of the team would not lose any points.

With the current system after placements there is no point for me to play game anymore because in the end its russian roulette if you get team that is communicating to each others and willing to play something else than the one character that they play as main.
Also i fear of dropping below 2.5k and not get the back up to platinium. Next placements i would probably be 2.3k rank go even below that depending of luck

These are just my thoughts, please discuss about this idea i would like hear pros and cons

Ayeh started playing apex and its comp is really fun, except when one of ur squad is a tard

atleast youdont get penalize when one of your team mate bails out

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Yes you do when you probably lose whole game and get minus points

not talking about overwatch

You’re talking about apex, now it makes sense!
But yeah apex has done competive much rewarding even if one of the teammates left or dies there still good chance to win the game.

yes sir …,.;’,.,.,