Console overwatch needs love


How about improve it so its no longer a trash experience… problems go away if you ignore them i hear. I really enjoy briggette and goats lets keep them.


Never played console myself, never owned one. Reading those “people” however who want to deny people on other platforms any kind of fun, simply because… well there is no reason… it’s pretty embarrassing, actually. So LeLouch didn’t like console OW. Guess what? You don’t have to play it. I don’t. And I don’t get angry at other people having fun doing it. NLD is just trying to insult people. Guess what? We all know that it’s your own insecurities coming out here. The only argument you bring is that they shouldn’t be allowed to play against players on PC, however this issue was never raised, so why bother?


Thank you for your input and sensible assesment of the situation :heart:


you described me to a TEE, EXCEPT i prefer PC, Ive been building pc’s for years, but yes i am a trashcan which is why i can tell that you my dear friend that you are the same NLD from the trashcan next door are you not??? … why are you even in here this is the console forum ? oh forgot your a trashcan my bad gee.

Back to the issue Blizzard, fix this please. ive been playing your games since blackthorne, rocknroll racing and the lost vikings… how about you show some loyalty back to you customers? we are not asking alot just let us have a few more options like the PC counter parts n fix the stuff that your getting regular complaints about.


I would really like to see these changes aswell
…and in game text chat


They claim they don’t have enought resources to fix ranked, how would you want them to fix console ow.

Yeah it is trash dude dont ever play it thats right.


Yep its true that they cant even fix ranked i think in general as overwatch fans we deserve more the dev updates are super slow and often ignore what the community wants.

I will say though the issues on console are far worse than pc which is to be expected as it is the second tier platform but we do not even get feedback or information is insanely frustrating.


I love when console players act like they’re the majority.

tip - you’re not.

further tip, you guys weren’t in the original plan for blizzard, they didn’t intend to release for consoles. Activision wants money. They got your money.


Number one what the hell are you on about acting like console players are the majority are just just willfully ignorant of do you lack mentally. Nobody ever stated we are the majority in fact if you look into the numbers pc has 60 percent of the playerbase of overwatch and xbox and ps4 combined is the other 40 percent.

We are the minirity yes but one it is actually not by a huge margin and two since when should the minority be treated any differently its the same game with the same devs and it is priced the same if you go to the effor of bringing it to consoles you are making a commitment to support it on consoles.


open you profile anonymous coward or close your mouth won’t change the fact that consoles suck for OW.


Look at your earlier statement and then start keeping your mouth closed kid.

considerable amount
if console people lose interest some of the overall fanbase dies down

neither are correct.

it’s enough of a margin that yes, you are second class.
look at all the topics ever opened by console players whether here or us forums. Do you see much if any dev involvement?


Blizz didn’t want to support you, they got made to.


Point 1 No company is made to do anything they do not want to they decided to support console as a platform.

Point two 40% of the playerbase is on console that is a considerable amount are you thick… but yes we would still be second class citizens.

Thirdly as console players are part of the console fanbase if they lose interest the overwatch fanbase in general deteriates. Are you seriously that stupid.

Point 4
Youre a hard stuck platinum :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

You can hate on console all you want and poin out the obvious being that we are the secondary platform but at least give valid reasoning for your hate comments. Also the kid comment implies that you are probably under the age of 18 and this plus the other evidence being that you cant put together an argument that doesnt fall flat on its ass makes me asume you have a high level of immaturity.

Also my profile is public i think. I just havent even done placements in a few seasons. Feel free to add me so the weight of your bronze rank can hang heavier over your head.


If activision tells blizzard jump, they don’t even get to say how high, they do.

no, you’re below half, not considerable. Typical console scrub thinking others are thick.

you lot have no esports representation, nothing special just for you, and whine about almost everything. You were meant to get separate balancing but clearly you don’t get that (torb/sym turrets pretty much don’t have differences at this point, pharah changes happened for everybody).

So no, the fanbase doesn’t deteroriate, it just gets cleansed of people who wouldn’t be there in the first place. You’re a drop in the ocean, not a meaningful amount.

are you seriously this incompetent?

you’re a hard stuck bronze? Point being? Further more you’re console, that puts you below bronze.

you have 0 valid reasoning for any of your comments and are just raging at blizzard and anyone else.
You’re raging about being called what you are, a kid which tells me i struck a nerve.

you want to actually make an argument kid, rather than raging


At this point im pretty sure you have no idea what the word considerable means. Just as a heads up it doesnt mean majority.

Ive made my arguments try reading also there are so many sources proving that the difference in skill level on console to pc is actually pretty minor. I am always high master gm on console and on pc ive basically only ever played placements and i think my peak is 3100 so your point about console being below bronze is hysterical.

By the way i am calling out ranks as everyone below diamond is simply brain dead there is no considerable need for aim to get to that rank its super easy and the best part is you wouldnt even make it to diamond on console yet you feel you have the right to chat total crap.

Stay plat bud


Pretty sure you have no understanding of how data or games or companies work.

just as a heads up, you will continue to be ignored by blizzard kid

Stay bronze kid, you wouldn’t even make that on pc. Pc players would easily make gm on console


Btw i know we will probably be ignored and all the points made about console not being a priority are completely fair i am simply asking for an improvement on the current situation. I dont expect to get anywhere but you dont get anywhere by not asking.

Pc elitists are hilarious as they are usually trash themselves and players transfering feom console can easily end up better than you will ever be.

Btw i would not be calling out ranks or having personal arguments if we could just have a propper discussion. If you are going to demeen others expect it back.


If you want i can link you to a topic on the us forums that should show you just how irrelevant you are to the devs.

console scrubs are hilarious for thinking they’re important, even more so when they think i can transfer and do better sure kid pats head

sure you can.

you’ve been doing it from the start, so expect to get dumped on.


Again im aware of our situation and the fact that the devs dont give two f**** but if you want proof of my console argument i can give it to you.

Hamza_zp was a console player 4300 hes moved to pc and is already 4200, flfabio was 4400 on console and has hit 4300 on pc, fankda hit 5000sr on console as a pharah one trick he has 3 accounts in gm, obvious youruber examples like alucard.

And finally what is your career peack sr?


More than enough reading material for you. That topic has had exactly 0 dev responses.

naming people who got carried to ranks they don’t belong in is irrelevant. It’s no different then naming sym players who make their teams work 5x harder just to carry the dead weight.

my profile is open, go see for yourself.


Ok dude aure they all solo que if its that easy why are you not gm.

Also your profile only shows your current sr and im going to give you the benfit of the doubt and say perhapse you are not a hardstuck plat maybe youve hit master at some point.

Ive hit the max posts for today so i will reply to you for the last time through this edit.

Wow that is the dumbest thing ive ever heard. There are rank tiers for a reason you end up where you belong and you dont get 5 gods on your team every game.

You are the typical plat who sucks and simply says they would be a god if they put in enough time its actually too funny. You my friend cant call anyone boosted especially players that play at ranks you can only dream of.

Feel free to continue replying and therefore bumping this thread and getting it more visability.