[CORRESPONDENCE] Post for Toshiro Yamagami

[CORRESPONDENCE] Post for Toshiro Yamagami

As winter leads to spring, let me write a letter of lightness. Perhaps it will grant us both a little peace, even as I turn my blade to keeping the peace here from shattering altogether. -Asa

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it’s a wife writing a letter to her husband about current affairs.
her husband is a blacksmith under the payroll of the hashimoto unwillingly and he’s away from his family, hence the letter.
the wife is a swordmaster who i presume teach or just keep the peace as best she can.

there’s 2 mafia clans that’s rivalring,
the shimada and the hashimoto.
shimada are the good guys and hashimoto bad guys.

they have a daughter, and there’s been violent things happening under the rule of the hashimoto and there’s been pushback from an unknown vigilante group or person against these hashimotos and causing trouble for them.

and some background lore around kanezaka the new map itself.