Couple thoughts for a Mercy rework


Howdy y’all. Just a lil’ something here. I don’t really know if Mercy needs a rework, she seems fine in the right team compositions, but many people ask for mass Rez. Well, this ain’t it.

New ultimate: Something along the line of “Under my wing” (I know, it’s more cheesy than good sounding, bite me). This is an AoE ultimate around Mercy. Any friendly hero around Mercy who takes fatal damage during the 3-4 second duration get’s healed for 75% (or you know, insert other percentage) of their maximum health after the ultimate ends. This way you counter and not undo enemy ults, much like some of the other support ultimates.

This makes E as Resurrect obsolete, so I think it should be turned into a Cleanse ability. It could turn a friendly hero Unstoppable for 1-2 seconds (so it removes all CC and doesn’t let other apply for the duration).



I don’t know if I read that right but what you seem to be saying is… a mass res on a slight delay? You pop this ult, 3 of your team die to an enemy ult and then immediately get back up with 75% health? I don’t really think this would feel much different to an instant mass res like she used to have tbh.

I’m not sure what Mercy needs specifically but she needs to be more proactive in team fights somehow. Right now it just feels like you’re trying to baby sit your team while avoiding line of sight as much as possible. She’s an ok healer and in low ranks her total lack of aiming required makes her a decent pick, but she’s just so dull to play as.
I once climbed to mid diamond playing nothing but Mercy… it’s still my career high but it was no fun at all. She needs some fun injected in to her kit.


Basically it is a Resurrect if an ally dies. Which in theory could mean tha the enemy does not damage them, or bring them low enough without dying. It can prevent death, not undo it. Not sure how different it’d be, of course.

I just want to get rid of that E ability.


So basically an aoe Divine Palm. I like that sound of that. Casting it should also make Mercy immune to CC or damage (but not both).

A Cleanse ability would be such a relief. Right now the only CC protection comes from Zarya’s bubbles, and Hell knows we need some other way to mitigate all the stuns.

(Also I think we can both agree that Blizzard can nerf Rez for another 11 months, and they still won’t balance it. The best thing they can do is make it useless so nobody will bother with it except for the cute spray achievement. It’s annoying for both the Mercy using it and the enemy team fighting against it.)


At this point its best if they focused on adding more heroes with abilities that might be wasted on a rework that can be bad or good but looking at reworkd heroes mostly bad. So lets just ignor mercy shes in an ok spot, and lets add this stuff to new supports.


Yup, that’s exactly it.



This is a horrible idea smh. Anyway y’all can focus on the rework without being fixated on resurrection


The Rez is overpowered while the rest of her is severely underpowered.

Being able to Rez someone once every 32 seconds is so damn annoying to play against. Even more so for the Mercy doing the rezzing. (Every time you Rez someone “Idiot Mercy why didn’t you save Rez?” Every time you don’t Rez someone “Omg Mercy you realize you have an E right?” Either way the Mercy will get reported for throwing; there is no winning situation.)


Wait, I have only been playing for at least a year, or two, but did Mercy have a Mass Rez Ability? ㅠ.ㅠ


Yes, before she had valkyrie as an ult and resurrection as an ability, she had mass resurrection as her ultimate, reviving all dead allies within her AOE.

Whether or not the old version or new rework is better, that’s up to everyone’s opinions. But I rather not want to see this discussion again.


Thoughts is that you want to make a lucio out of mercy. Taking away her valkyre is a terrible idea. She is in a good spot now, healing could be still boosted with +5 base +10 ult mode.


There was a rez ult that insta rezzed everyone around the player
Then the ult got remade to a one time rez and the ult was the same as today but it got nerfed.