Crash after leaving game


So, this started happening a few days ago and has been happening after leaving a quick play match

At around 6 or 7 seconds in to searching for a new match, the game crashes. No error messages or anything, but the game locks up and requires a pc restart to even close it. Every so often it will instead disconnect from the server, reconnect and allow me to carry on as normal

I haven’t found any mention of anything like this online.

I’ve tried reinstalling, verifying game files and I’m running the game with nothing in the background and no overlays.


Gtx 1080
16gb RAM

Any ideas?


Hey there Jatix

It seems you might have outdated graphic card drivers so I would advise that you update your drivers to the most recent one available that ishere.

The update should fix your issue but if it does not, the best thing to do is to also try to follow these troubleshooting steps which cover most of the causes for crashes in Overwatch.

Should you still have issues after performing all those steps, just reply back to this post with your system files sent via pastebin.

Have a great day :slight_smile: