CTF Is not balanced... here is how I would fix it


Ok, a lot of games have a CTF Mode but the Overwatch version is the worst I have seen.

Here is how I would fix it

1 - Flag Capturing.
A basic rule of Capture the Flag it most, if not all versions of this mode it that if your flag is not at your base, you can’t capture until it’s returned. This would force places to balance offence and defence and focus on getting the flag back when it’s taken rather than the “Oh, it’s fine, we have their flag so we’ll get a point as well” attitude.

2 - Flag Returning.
One major thing that bugs me is that you have to wait to be able to pick up your own flag and return it, but a Lucio can just boop you of and take off with the flag instantly.

A simple fix to this would be to remove the wait timer and make it so you have to physically take the flag back. Still have the cooldown after it’s dropped but add a reason to get back to your point.

This would also tie in with the first point where your teammate can pick up your flag and return it while you make your way back from the enemy point.

This would be limited by the fact you can’t have both flags on you at once.

3 - Add the Jail rule.
One thing that was great about playing CTF IRL was the Jail Rule. IE when you die, you don’t re-spawn but get put in jail. (Maybe for X about of seconds)

In that time, non-flag carriers could Release 1 person at a time (Maybe every 2 seconds)

This would add a whole new aspect to the mode that I’ve not seen any other game try.


4 - You have to touch the centre of the point to pick up the flag. Basically, a rule from IRL CTF, you have to fully enter the flag zone, you can’t reach in

  1. Uh no, that makes no sense.
  2. Again no, that would be insanely OP.
  3. There is a “jail”, you respawn for 7 seconds. Why would you deliberately add additional downtime?
  4. You already do.


1: Yes, makes a lot of sense. It’s a rule in most versions of CTF I have played, you can’t capture the enemy flag until yours re-spawns or is returned
2: Once again yes. Again, most versions of CTF I have played have had this and makes the game more fun and longer than 5 minutes. Unless your a Lucio booping you off your own flag and instantly being able to take and speed back to base.

3: You wouldn’t have the 7 second cool down and would not be able to change heroes in this time. That would be the difference.

4: Nope, you can place a junk trap dead center on the flag point and it still be taken without triggering the trap


I like that the matches are only 5min Long that makes them a lot of fun to play without having to set up any defense also I have no Idea whats ur problem with unbalanced matches?