Current state of high rank


Video sum:
  1. 3-4 Dps in a team are needed to contest Goats or multi tank/support comps defensive capability and only only have a chance to work on long maps. And yes that does work vs the OG goats set up, unless they do 1-2 easy swaps totally shut down that counter start of 4 dps heroes 1 tank 1 support or they just pick’d a dive comps (and they don’t really need to be good at dive) to shut down your anti-goats strat.

  2. Dps have to make big plays, tank and support team comps have a much easier time playing the objective.

  3. Lucio is broken, Sound barrier stops everything and nothing can beat it economically. Speed boost is a must. Is good in goats, helps goats swap to dive without losing ults.

  4. Goats snowball objectives. And that wins games

  5. Reasons why goats is strong wasn’t just armor/healing stacking, it’s more so defensive cd cycling letting Lucio, Zen and Brig build ult charges even thou they “need to have a hard time healing tanks” But since deff cd’s are getting rotated they have all the time to heal up and gain a ton of ult charge.

  6. Reaper is just bad. He gets less value then Brigitte even offensively speaking. Since melee just doesn’t get punished by anything. You just discord the other Rain and the Rein and Brig do damage to him without needing to break his shield. Sure Reaper can do a lot of damage and life steal but not when his shooting at shield, def matrix and bubble all game long.
    “Reaper’s problem is that he shoots bullets in a shooter game, how dare he.”

  7. Power creep just keeps going up. Hero bans are needed.

  8. Ult fight / Objective content. Rein Zarya Lucio have the best ults in this game without needing to combo them. Zen and Brig ults aren’t one of the best but compared to this 3 but as a single ult they are near them and have the power of wining team fights by shutting down the other teams damage but they do have a build in ability counters like Anas nade vs Zen.


Its like everything I’ve been saying/thinking nicely summed up.

The only thing I wasn’t aware of was Lucio being this good. Maybe because the people in platinum cant do anything with a speed boost, heh


Well this is very sad…

  1. If only there were a way to swap your heroes mid-match to counter the enemy. Unfortunately such a system doesn’t exist, and there’s just no way you could possibly swap off the Tracer that isn’t working.
  2. The ol’ “X hero is EZ” please try playing those heroes for a second, that way you might end up in plat and experience the real game for a few minutes.
  3. I have never once thought of Lúcio as broken, you are embarrassingly bad at the game if he is a problem for you. But it’s nice to see that the support-nerfers have picked a new target to destroy.
  4. GOATS has been countered since day one of the game, and the refusal to pick up Pharah to instant counter it is no longer cute. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
  5. Yes, all those nerfs to Mercy and Brig were completely unnecessary, because the real problem is that supports exist in the game.
  6. Reaper is an unkillable god in the lower ranks. Stop for god’s sake, he needs a revert not more buffs to counter your self-created problem.
  7. Power creep actually isn’t a thing in this game. The problem is not with heroes becoming stronger, it’s that heroes get reworked and pros don’t adapt. Hero bans are a horrible idea that show just how far out of touch the pros are with the game, and show a complete lack of understanding of the mechanics.
  8. “Some ults are better than others” is not a revelation. Some heroes are better than others. Some maps are better than others. That does tend to be how things are. How is it a problem?


It always makes my day to see a fellow 50 percentile insisting the meta is the meta not because it’s strong but because the best people in the game won’t adapt.

The irony is particularly good in OW because metas have been very reactive overall. When dive became a bad pick yes people tried very hard to keep making it work but within a month everyone had broke. Shortly after GOATS was found to counter double sniper and got picked up very quickly too.

The reason that double sniper meta was a few week meta and goats was a half year meta? Is it because one doesn’t have consistent viable counters at a pro level? No of course not! It’s because pros simply failed to adapt here instead of other times where the meta has shifted quickly. This is an argument about as reasonable as those people would say Mercy got run 100% of games was because pros didn’t know to click the head. In other words you lose any chance people can take you seriously when you make it.

I can see why you’d think Pharah could counter goats consistently. We are in low plat after all. In this tier attack bastion against Anubis could work and I’m sure I could find similarly insightful people as you to argue the merits of such a strategy and why the pros don’t do it simply because they don’t know better and are inflexible.

In reality pharah was and continues to be tried extensively in scrims. It didn’t go well. Good luck landing two direct shots (likely need three tbh) on a team with the cooldowns of goats. And good luck being survivable when you’re discorded and they have a dva.


I’m not saying that GOATS isn’t strong, I’m saying that it has counterplay that the pros refuse to take advantage of. Instead of making the most minor effort to counter the enemy team they stick with one prebuilt comp for the entire match (even when they’re countered) and don’t learn from the mistake.

Saying “we tried and it didn’t work” isn’t good enough, because we KNOW that these things work. Landing shots on the largest targets in the game is not difficult, I know because I suck at this game and can still manage it. You’re telling me that the pros can’t aim? And that’s just one hero. Orisa is another great pick against GOATS. Mei can work. Junkrat too.

You’re welcome to believe that these guys just know better than us, but they don’t. Apparently they don’t even know the basic mechanics of the game, like the fact that you can go back in the spawn room and swap the hero that isn’t contributing. This is not advanced stuff, and saying “it won’t work” only proves my point further. They KNOW it will work, the goal is not to nerf goats, it’s apparently to break the game as much as possible.

Anyone who has played the game knows that Reaper is broken right now. Yet for some reason the “pros” can’t make him work. Wonder why that is? How come the supposed best players in the game can’t hit a target with the widest shot pattern in the game, eh? It’s either that they suck, or they don’t want to fix GOATS. You shouldn’t be on their team, they will continue to destroy this game if we keep catering to their nonsense. It’s time to ditch them, balance around mid rank and ignore their whining that they’re “forced” to pick Zarya every match.


Everyone at high elo is addicted to meta things will spiral down into hatred and toxicity if its not meta or if some one is’t playing what you expect them to, usually no ones fault mostly games fault cos it does’t allow you to play what you want.


Ahahahahhaah you legitimately believe Reaper should be a good hero in league play. Oml. Anyways everyone knew the Reaper changes would be pub stomp only and pretty much everyone said “please don’t do this”. That’s Bliz balance in a nutshell tho. If you can’t see why Reaper will be a league potato without completely insane numbers or some aspect of his kit reworked I can’t help you. People have game sense, good positioning, good call outs, good cooldown management and good aim. For the exact reasons you’re saying " if Reaper good in gold why no good do in league" is basically why he’s going to tap out somewhere on the ladder. The increasing teamwork, mechanical skill, prediction etc benefits other heroes dramatically more than Reaper who is countered by all of these more than he gets out of them. He’s a classic case of having too low a skill ceiling to be good in pro play without being completely broken on the ladder (and basically ruining pub games).

For Pharah the problem isn’t hitting a hero with pharah. It’s landing three direct shots in a row against a healer that is intermittently speed boosted. And before you yourself die (and landing 200 damage to a discorded pharah is something Dva can do in under a second). If you think you’ll win any fight at pro level because you landed direct hits on a tank Idk what to say. Maybe if they afk and the lucio and Brig walk far enough away from them?

Mei is not bad. Junkrat is theoretically not bad and better now with the dva nerfs. There are many variants of goats comps that have worked. There have been many attempts to play various 2-2-2. Or sym bastion. Or pharmercy. Or sombra. Or multiple dps. Or dozens of other strategies. Literal hundreds of games between T1 teams. If something worked against goats with any consistency the team who figured it out (just like the team who figured out goats) would be over the moon practising a comp that no one was ready to counter. I think if any really consistent strategy has been found S2 is where it’s going to get sprung. And it might just (here’s hoping). And it might only be possible now with the rally and matrix nerfs. But here’s hoping.

But you just sound like a classic case of a completely average player who thinks pros are there on mechanics only. That pro teams who scrim all day, review vods, have coaches, attempt and refine strategies in scrims, etc just won’t ask a uniquely insightful individual like you “hey bro what counters goats in 2500sr?” If they just did that they’d be like “oh man why did we never think of that, try that and lose with that consistently despite many variations of it? Why didn’t a single one of the league coaches push us hard to learn this seemingly obvious counter?”

This kind of stuff just sounds like a god complex. A good understanding of the game with strong ult tracking, positioning and call outs can easily get you to masters. Beyond that you still don’t need particularly strong mechanics to continue climbing with certain heroes. There’s certain phenomenal tank mains that have placed plat when they try to pick up dps. But at a league level that player has incredible instincts, timing, positioning, decision making, and general understanding of the game. Your over simplification of pros as “good at mechanics, bad at understanding the game” is painfully common. If you understood the game a third as well as the average pro you’d be low masters by default without any checks on your mechanics. Again it’s too bad they lack your insight


I never said someone was easy i just pointed out that tank and support heavy teams have an easier time playing the objective when dps have to make big plays. Just like in the video above.

His currently the main problem. He makes tanks op. He lets them swap to dive.
Yet he needs to be bad in tanks comps thanks to his low healing. But since 3-4 tank team are a thing. They just cycle deff cds and lucio has all the time in the world to heal then and get his ult.

Pharah, is the worst hero by win rate in the game next to Mccree in high rank…
Meaning that Pharah doesn’t work out at all. Like you don’t even need a hit scan to stop a Pharah and she needs to hit 3-4 shots to kill someone whos getting heal’d. + Pharah is map spesific. You cant run pharah in maps that aren’t open.

Supports aren’t the problem here, is the def cds and ults.
Def cds help them get ults on huge HP tanks.
Rein, Zarya, Lucio ults cant be beaten economically. If your using, lets say nano blade. Rein can shatter you, Zarya can grav you, lucio can sound wave you and you end up trading 2 ults for 1. And dps ults just can’t be used alone. Yet the ult that stop 2 ults have no problem in wining team figth show. Like shatter and grav.

This topic is only about high rank as stated in the title. And its a joke how easy it is to deal with a Reaper there. This game isnt balanced for low rank where no one knows how to play nor plays as a team. Everything can solo carry in low rank once the other team aren’t coordinated and can’t play.

Its not about adapting, its just not woth it to adapt to something if it takes 1-2 swaps to fully counter your team comp that counters goats.
Hero bans isn’t bad because high rank is so stale it feels like heroes are ban’d without the ban system in place thanks to power creep.

Its a huge probem, that’s why Mas rez was removed.
Shatter wins a team fight. Just try to shatter 2 players and in high rank you win that team fight. Same with grav. You don’t need big shatters or gravs in high rank since a 4 v 6 is unwinnable. But yet this ults offer the chance that you sometimes will hit a team shatter and gravs. Ults that are ment to be a combo started not a solo ult win an ult fight or stop the other team from comboing ults. Yet that’s what they are used atm.

Over all i think all this games problems can be fix with a:
1: ban phase
2: Role que set on 2/2/2 making it so no role gets send to the trash bin.
If the game was 2/2/2 3-4 tank teams won’t be OP by rotating CDs.
Like you don’t even know what a pain it is to play vs:
Shield def matrix Bubbles Shield and supports gain ults in no time while getting protected by 4 tanks. Like the Winston shield isn’t even needed like its shown in goats yet its just an over kill. That team comp can dive and it can stack up and be supper deffencive. Goats swap to that once they face a counter. Of they just take 1 dps and Ana to conpensate for the fact that they wont run 3 off healers.

Sorry for the typos its kinda late hope you can bare with them.


If this game was set as 2/2/2 this problems won’t exist.
There wont be 3-4 tanks rotating deff cds and beeing unkillable while giving the supports a ton of ult charge.
And if it has a hero ban, Blizzard can see, what the players dont want to fight.
If hero ban was a thing…
Low ranks remove reaper, high ranks remove lucio and boom now teams have to think of other team comps to paly.


Welcome to Overwatch.
Low ranks are nothing but bad players complaining reaper is somehow op, high ranks are nothing but literal Kephrii widow players and GOATs.


This would be the best time to rollout a rework for Pharah and making her super fun to play, game has bigger issues tho game experience needs an upgrade cough matchmaking experience cough ranked experience cough role queue and role based SR and MMR cough:thinking::+1:


Can you really blame Reapers when high ranks just show how easy it is to deal with him?
Like in high rank once Reaper is vs 3+ tanks (the thing he needs to be good vs) he can’t do anything. Like if your next to a Rein Zarya Dva that are close together you can’t kill any of them. Dva will just look at Reaper and remove all his damage and life steal or Zarya will use a bubble then they’ll kill him. Is that really so hard to do in low ranks? Its just 250 hp and one def cd.
Its funny because it was the same for Doomfist.
Doomfist was never a problem in high ranks, he got nerf’d because low cards cry’d non stop refusing to play the right way and no Doomfist is one of the worst heroes in high rank next to Pharah and Mccree.
And ofc low ranks hate Mccree for some reason now. Yet he has the worst and lowest win rate in high ranks with a meh pick rate.
You just can’t trust low rank when it comes to balancing a game because they just make heroes unplayable in high rank and Esports…


No, you can tell I don’t because I said the exact opposite of that.

If you can’t see why Reaper will be a league potato without completely insane numbers or some aspect of his kit reworked I can’t help you.

If you can’t read my comment to know that I said the opposite of what you claim, I can’t help you.

It’s landing three direct shots in a row against a healer that is intermittently speed boosted.

Like I said, if you suck that much you’re not a pro.

But you just sound like a classic case of a completely average player who thinks pros are there on mechanics only

On the contrary, you’ve demonstrated that they aren’t even mechanically skilled.

Your over simplification of pros as “good at mechanics, bad at understanding the game” is painfully common.

You think maybe it’s a common idea because it’s true? Because so far you’ve been arguing that it is.

Well which is it?

They just cycle deff cds

If only there were a hero you could pick to stop defensive ults… they should definitely add something like that. Maybe some kind of cool mexican hacker chick? Weird idea I know, but I think it’d work out well.

Pharah, is the worst hero by win rate in the game next to Mccree in high rank…

Not my fault the pros suck, man… come on. Why is it that at low rank a low win rate indicates a lack of skill, but at high rank a low win rate indicates that the hero is bad?

You cant run pharah in maps that aren’t open.

If only there were a hero with high damage output that excelled in enclosed spaces. Maybe a crazy australian with a grenade launcher? Don’t know where I get these ludicrous ideas…

If your using, lets say nano blade.

Swap the Genji off then… literally the core element of this game.

Like shatter and grav

Have you tried not getting stuck in them? Because I can manage it somehow. Run Mei and use the wall to block them?

This game isnt balanced for low rank

So you do know what the problem is!

its just not woth it to adapt to something if it takes 1-2 swaps to fully counter your team comp

Right… not worth it to try winning the game, because the enemy might ALSO adapt… this game is really too hard for the pro players xD better refuse to swap like you’re a bronze DPS main! “Why are we losing?”

Hero bans isn’t bad because high rank is so stale

They can pick whatever they want. I don’t care if they’re having fun, they’re being paid to play the game.

that’s why Mas rez was removed

Not even gonna touch that, but as the community has explained to you guys a hundred times, no, it was fine.

Just try to shatter 2 players and in high rank you win that team fight. Same with grav.

So learn to avoid them… not to bring up Pharah again but she can pretty easily dodge them… weird how all the pro’s problems seem to originate from their own poor play and not from the game… or you could use Orisa, who is immune to both on CD. Or you could use a defensive ult, the same ones you claim are too powerful…

Over all i think all this games problems can be fix with a

Actually it can be fixed with just one thing: stop catering to the pros, start fixing the game for the actual players. No more OWL until the endorsement system works as intended: get rid of the bad players. Instead of nerfing heroes based on community salt, check what the players of those heroes are saying. Overhaul the competitive mode with performance-based rankings. Give rewards for using LFG, since it already functions as a role queue.


At the time people cried about him, i were playing vs a 4.3-4.5k doomfist in just about every single game, and he would kill my whole team every fight unless i were able to hunt him down first. The rest of the team would just cry about not being able to do anything otherwise.

You also saw a lot more Doomfists (including 1 tricks) in the top end of the leaderboard kinda like you see with lucio atm.

I was also watching several streamers at the time. All being T500 players, and no stream went by without them raging about how op/unfun they thought Doomfist was to play against.

How exactly was he only an issue for low ranks?

You can’t trust them when it comes to balancing a game for high ranks.
But lower ranks being the vast majority of the playerbase, they will feel like balancing the game for them is more important.
And since they are the vast majority, you will generally see a lot more people with this opinion.


Talking them easy is one think, point out that they have an easier time is a totally different matter.

You can’t rarely get a normal cast hack once is in the game.
This is high rank and Sombra is a good hero vs them but not a hard counter as you might think, on top of that she offers little to no damage in a team, and damage matters once your vs 3/3 or 4/2 even 1/2/3 comps. Sombra is good, not as good as this team comps thou. Like the other guy pointed out, its not like pro teams don’t adapt, is that they are already adapting in the most effective and efficient star.
Its funny before doomfist was nerf’d they used doomfist sombra vs goats. Because the CC from doom gives Sombra the time to sneak hacks but not that’s gone.

When it comes to Pharah a hero that sits wide in the opening you can’t really blame high ranks for sucking at her. Her hero design is just flaw’d just like Reaper. 200-250 hp in this game is a joke.
You dont even need Ashe/Widow to deal with a Pharah.
Discord orb + Dva or Random poke from the supports is enough to render her useless.
In low ranks not only can people not aim as well, they just don’t have awareness and that lets Pharah position much better.

Just rat is yet again one of the more easier heroes to shut down…
I really like how your listing all the noob killer heroes in this game like they are useful in high rank…

Any nano dps combo sucks. Dps ults are just a joke, they have obvious counter. Meanwhile rein/zarya just need to land an ult on 2 people out of 6 to win a team fight. And that’s at worse. Not everyone an your team will dodge that ult even if you did. They are immobile heroes like Ana that are just a prime shatter target.

Yeah, but in high rank… people will time your wall.
And your are left with playing mei without even using wall or use wall and the moment its down they’ll ult you. Same problem as Orisa… thats why she sucks. Unlike orisa rein can save a little shield to fully block the other rein ult.

Nah that’s not a problem, because low ranks balancing just kill high rank and make smurfs. Who’d want to play in high rank if they fight the same abused team comp 80% of the time?..

only 5% of the GM players get pay’d… might even be less the 5%…
Im not getting pay’d to play vs the same stale team comp.

Nah it wasn’t fine, you must have started after it to not know why it was op.

You can avoid shatters all day long, if 2 people on your team are dead the other team start cleaning up. If you dodge shatter but it hits one player on your game its team fight lost. Same for grav.

Are you not salty when it comes to Reaper?
Kinda hypocritical to say this.
If hero ban’s was a thing.
Low ranks remove Reaper.
High ranks remove Lucio.
And boom like a ton of team comps open.
Hero ban’s offer the option that every rank can remove there problem. Why is that so hard to get?
For me 1 hero ban per team feels like a must.
Its either add hero bans or make the game 2/2/2 then nothing will be ignored or unbalanced and abused.
Not to mention with a hero ban, blizzard will see what heroes players don’t want to face and work on them. They won’t need the salty community.
With 2/2/2 this game will be so much easier to balanced as well.
I personally doubt that low ranks play anything but 2/2/2 anyway.


Every pro player, said that doomfist wasn’t a problem.
I haven’t seen more then 3 in top 50. especially when it was goats meta, the time people play’d doomfist sombra vs them.

I really wish that you share some proof of doomfist getting overplayed in high rank. Like a video or a screen shot.
Because from what i’v seen in all the “your overwatch” videos.
Every pro on there said his a joke.
It just takes one Zarya to follow him to make him useless.
On top of that gaining damage by doing so.

I believe dooms ult needed a nerf, but not his cc.
Solo ulting support for an insta kill after bubble was used on them was bad.
Yet atm Rein and Zarya are doing the same.
The doomfist nerf just made Goats better, even after their nerfs.


(not high enough trust rating to post this as a clickable link it seems)

9 Doomfist players, 7 of which had DF as their most played hero in T20.
Hope this works as some evidence to my point?

Yes some pros said that, but they are talking about OWL level play, not ladder. The two are very different.
What people complained about was how dominant and unfun he was in ladder.

It also just took one Zarya to make him unkillable.

I only really wanted the Uppercut nerf. Not because i personally had much trouble playing around him. But i knew most of the more stationary heroes would have this issue.
Although i can also see why the ult was a problem.

Does this justify him being an issue as well?


your listing all the noob killer heroes in this game like they are useful in high rank

Do the bullets and bombs stop working if you have a GM medal? I didn’t know that. These are supposed to be the best people at the game, and they can’t play some of the (supposedly) easiest heroes?

Dps ults are just a joke

Well stop using them then?

Same problem as Orisa… thats why she sucks.

Because the pros are too bad at the game to adapt to high level strategy?

low ranks balancing just kill high rank and make smurfs

Smurfing wouldn’t be a problem if the SR system was fixed, and how is making the low rank fair going to destroy the high rank? If you don’t want to play the same “abused team comp” then don’t, no one is forcing GOATS except the pros.

you must have started after it to not know why it was op.

I know for a fact that it wasn’t OP, what was OP was the invulnerability she got after a patch.

If you dodge shatter but it hits one player on your game its team fight lost.

So the whole team has to try? Wow, that must be terrible. No idea what that’s like, at the low ranks you can easily carry /s

Are you not salty when it comes to Reaper?

No, I actually like Reaper as a hero. What I don’t like is unbalanced patches.

Low ranks remove Reaper.

He’s still broken though, you understand that right? You can’t just ban every broken hero, you have to FIX THEM!

High ranks remove Lucio.

Imagine claiming to be good at the game and not being able to deal with Lúcio xD I can’t even insult high rank players better than you just did.

Why is that so hard to get?

Because I know for a fact that hero bans would not change anything, since the bans would become just as meta as the hero selections… and you’d STILL be playing against the same stale comp all the time. The system doesn’t work when everyone can swap whenever they like. Not to mention how bad it would be for a person maining the banned hero, they could literally never play them… the people pushing this know their pick would never get banned, they’re using the ban as a weapon to attack their own counters instead of getting better at the game.

With 2/2/2 this game will be so much easier to balanced as well.

Sure, let’s enforce team comps! That’s totally different from a metagame! It seems like you want to remove all the parts of Overwatch that make it unique and fun, and turn it into the kind of game that we’d call an Overwatch clone. A generic FPS with “skill”, no hero swaps, no interesting heroes, just Widowmaker and Soldier.


Yes, as a matter of fact they do.

We did stop using them the last 4 seasons, that’s the problem.

Pros aren’t bad, problem is that they are on the best thing available.

If you face goats you lose, that doesn’t fix the problem.

It was OP at that state of the game, in that state people actaully played the game right. Combing ults to win teamfight. And when people combo ults to beat something, Mercy uses one ult to revert that.
But ill say, in the current sate of Grav, Sound wave, and Shatter, Mass rez looks balanced.

Yes his not getting played at the highest ranks where people play the game right.

If low rank start non stop banning Raeper, it will send a more clear message then complaining about Reaper with 0 proof.

Lucios only counter atm is Lucio. Their isn’t a mechanic that slows the other team the same way lucio speeds them. On top of having one of the best ults in the game.
Problem with lucio is that, He wasn’t made to be good in tank comps. He was made to help melee heroes with speed. But once they are 3-4 tanks in a team, he has all the time in the world to fully heal them and gain his ult in less then 30-40 sec. With 0 mechanical skill need. That makes him way to consistent to ignore.
And before you say something like “but mai slows, that’s a lucio counter” ill tell you that its not, and he even makes her ult useless giving his team the ability to speed boost out of the freez even if they have 0 mobility.
Lucio is just good. To good. You can’t kill him in this set team comps we are talking about. And you’ll need a Lucio on your team to counter the other Lucio speed boost. That’s the reason his the most pick’d hero in high rank.

One tricking is bad. Not even going to waste time debating that.

The people pushing this are the people who have most of there heroes unplayable thanks to the current meta. No hero is safe from the ban… and every rank has its own “problematic heroes”.

On widowmaker i can agree shes a good hero, but really Soldier??? Who plays that dead hero… must be a low rank thing.
Because in high rank his ult lowers your dps and removed your bust dmg with head shots, on top of that it makes his helix rocket unusable because in the game you dont aim helix rocket like its hit scat you try to predict there the other player will be.

I just don’t get why 2/2/2 is so hard, like you said, low ranks dont play goats, they play 2/2/2 or was that a lie? It will limit tanks stacking OP def cds and OP ult fight wining ults. It will make the game much easier to balance, because atm its not. Not sure if you watch the video above and i do want you to watch it. Goats was close to 100% pick rate last season atm its about 70% of the time after the nerfs.

I really wish that you start adding sources to this random claims because its getting really annoying when someone is debating like this: “But in the place i play that doesn’t happen like this but like that”. basically you can talk like this all day long. At lest link a video of a legitimized source that state this “facts”.

Like if this game was 2/2/2 no nerfs will be needed… because this heroes are balanced for 2/2/2 yet abused in 3/3 or 4/2 comps.
This will make it so Brig can be a good hero for teams out side of goats. Because if you haven’t noticed, the only reasons they are nerfing her is because of goats.

2/2/2 = everything is fair. What did you mean by Widows and Soldier i just dont get it, Its like its bad for you that players are actually picking as much dps as they are tanks and supports… Really sounds like you just dont like dps.

I love how Reaper with 4.20% pick rate (in low ranks 0.53% in high rank…) is to much for you.
But Lucio with 12%+ pick rate is balanced and pros are bad for not knowing how to counter him…


So don’t spam all your ults at once? That is a bronze-level concept, dude, come on.

Lucios only counter atm is Lucio.

No, he’s countered by Mei.

Their isn’t a mechanic that slows the other tea

Holy flip you cannot be serious :joy:

But once they are 3-4 tanks in a team, he has all the time in the world to fully heal them and gain his ult in less then 30-40 sec.

So run a counter-tank comp.

With 0 mechanical skill need.

Because it takes no effort to avoid getting instakilled when you have no defences of any kind… you’re SURE the pros don’t suck?

ill tell you that its not

Well maybe you know better than me, someone who plays both Lúcio AND Mei…

One tricking is bad.

No it isn’t, how is playing one hero worse than playing 2? Do you have any of your own opinions or do you get them all from GM ranks on YouTube?

No hero is safe from the ban

Yes they are. Reinhardt is safe, because everyone wants to run him. Zarya is safe because everyone wants to run her. Ana is safe because everyone wants to run her.

Because in high rank his ult lowers your dps and removed your bust dmg with head shots

People don’t play him, they want him to be the model for the game: generic shooter heroes. No Doomfist, no Brigitte, that’s all “OP”.

I just don’t get why 2/2/2 is so hard

Because it’s suboptimal in a variety of scenarios and makes the game less fun if enforced. “Low ranks” don’t play structured teams, comps vary with up to 4 dps, 2 supports and 2 tanks. Usually it’s 3 dps, one tank, 2 supports, at least in my experience. Keep in mind that the tank is often Roadhog (aka not a tank). You can see why we might question your claim that tanks are OP, given that no one wants to play them.

At lest link a video of a legitimized source that state this “facts”.

If you want to know all you have to do is load the game, I’m not talking about some crazy notion only experienced by a few players in a certain rank. I’m talking most matches for most players. What the pros say has very little relation to the direct experience of the game for the general audience. I don’t know your rank, but it’s highly unlikely that you’re master or above… so you’re with us in the pit.

I love how Reaper with 4.20% pick rate is to much for you.

I don’t care what his pick rate is, as long as he isn’t broken.

But Lucio with 12%+ pick rate is balanced

There are 6 supports and 16 DPS… so their pick rates are actually comparable.