Current state of high rank


Have you even seen what no limits used to be? Stalling points indefinitely? Shield stacking? Can you honestly compare it to what we have now and say yes, they were wrong with that, they are wrong with what we have now too? Come on, this is crazy talk. I refuse to argue about this anymore because you clearly don’t understand the difference between something that is exploitable and something that is not.

I do not want to be dependent on my team for switching. Do you honestly believe that a DPS/tank will willingly go support if I tell them to? Some might, most wont. The thing is we are all equals, nobody will take kindly to being bossed around, this is why the current system where you decide to take responsibility and switch is so much better.

You don’t know that. The only reason 3-3 is a thing is because of Brigitte, without her it doesn’t have enough AoE heals. The only way it will stay is if Blizzard release yet another AoE healer right now. There is a single problematic hero, nothing else, stop pretending the whole game is somehow problematic.

Once again, not my point. Your entire argument is that 2-2-2 is easier to balance. They couldn’t balance it. They failed. You can say they cant balance the 3-3 either but its the same situation.

The last paragraph is meaningless. It assumes that the only way to play the game is to pick the compositions pros play. I can win a game without a shield tank or with 6 DPS(yes, I have a screenshot) on the team. This to me is more important than being forced to stick with whatever role I feel like playing.


If you want balanced experience you need balanced hero pool and balanced restrictions no more triple quad tank triple support BS neither triple or quad dps, just 2 2 2 or go home, anything other then 2 2 2 needs coordination teamwork lfg is much better suited for that, there usually no coordination at all in solo queue players don’t have time to form a group, or do not wanna go thru all coms not to mention that not everyone speaks English, matchmaker should be better suited for solo player role queue and role based SR and MMR is a great start, and honestly lfg queue should have its own SR to based on group size just only allow group sizes of 2 3 or 6 as anything else would need to be filled by solo player that probably does’t want that experience.

Honestly nearled uninstalled that time i got so annoyed i just kept nagging about it, would not even be taken serious it was a horrible experience way worse then its now, but that does’t mean im oke with current experience, cos its no better now.
If cant play dps at same level as other roles you forced onto alt account, even then you cant play what you want cos of how oppressive everyone is, sometimes they do not even realize it but usually it’s just toxicity and hatred and nothing but report system abuse, it’s very hypocrite to report a player for throwing only cos they wanna play dps, especially if you also on dps, its not players fault eitherway that there no role based SR and MMR or a role queue, its the games fault and devs are the one’s that fix it but without feedback they won’t do anything and if feedback is censored they won’t see it, a mod could just remove a post cos it breaks the forum rules, cos some one got carried away and got mad.

At least i know why i have a bad experience and share that feedback, how about you ?


Can’t say its exploited to the same point but as more heroes come like Tanks and Support it will get really close to that point. And atm as you can see its currently exploited in high rank.

Its not just Brig, If brig gets nerfd it will be rotate to the 2n best team comps.

How did 2/2/2 balancing faild? Every 2/2/2 team comp has been successfully tweaked so the point that its not worth to use 2/2/2 when people can just stack on the thing they need.
Im not stating this as a fact as well, this is just my opinion and its as correct as yours with the only thing different about it is that its mainly focus around high rank.

At the current state it might as well be. Its the 4th-5th season of goats meta, at this point everyone knows how to abuse that team comp.

Non the less i think its best if we stop’d here since we can go on endlessly reinstating our opinions that just don’t match. I just have to say that a role queue league outside of the current rank league will feel nice, next to solo que hero bans etc. They can keep the current ranked league.