Dear Blizzard - why are you actively ignoring reports?

For the last few months I have noticed increased racism (along with the normal cheating and deranked smurf and all that jazz)

I’ve reported it everytime. Racism is pretty cut and try, would be an insta account close without appeal. But nothing happens. Not even a thank you message thing.

Why are you ignoring reports? If you are you really should just come out and say so, so we can just accept the abuse.

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oversaturation with reports I would suspect. People are angry and toxic and they report all sorts of stuff. My theory is that blizzard is overwhelmed with reports they cannot process due to obnoxious amount of them. Probably same reason why they cranked up autopunishment thresholds, in order to prevent too many false-bans resulted from false reports further decimating the already declining player base.

Playerbase isn’t declining and your opinion of the matter isn’t fact kid.

@op they aren’t ignoring reports

in terms of smurfing/cheating, do you have actual concrete evidence? For cheating you’re better off directly emailing support with vod proof for it to be reviewed.

smurfing isn’t really seen as an issue by blizzard, and it’s not a guarantee they are smurfing, players are not the most accurate when it comes to detection.

Doesnt matter if it is in my games or not. 1 person doing it is too many.

These aren’t game issues, but player base issues… but blizzard can just act with more of a heavy fist.

Research shows that behaviour improves if there is real risk to your actions.

For example, massive spike on your steering wheel, suddenly everyone drives perfect and leaves safe gaps. Obviously this is a very extreme example, but the point is there.

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Before the heavy fist you have to prove it, otherwise you’re punishing on an assumption.

Why do they need to prove it… it is not a criminal case.

If they look at the evidence, see cheating, or racism, or whatever is against the rules, close the account and make the player provide evidence that the ban should be overturned.

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They’re just supposed to magically believe you that they’re cheating? No investigation whatsoever?

you are making the claim, you provide proof via vods etc. Don’t expect people to get banned and THEN provide proof for their innocence.

It could easily be somebody is just better, gets banned for cheating because a salty player got killed.