Disconenct on both teams

Finding it with increasing frequency in today’s matches, players are getting DC’d on both sides. Some players are able to re-join the match but others are kicked out entirely and are unable to join. We had one player that was still in group chat with their friend who was unable to re-enter the match and had to wait for it to finish.
Devs is there an in-game issue that is causing the DC situation or is it our own broadband providers?

It’s because their servers were getting ddos’d

Nothing they can really do about it.

Well the problem is not just the disconnection, we eventually had to CONTINUE to play with 3 vs 2, because most were getting thrown out of the game and couldn’t rejoin. The people getting DC got no loss, but who remained in the game (e.g. me) incurred in a SR loss, how’s that fair?
It would be great if they could monitor games for this sort of problems and prevent SR loss.
I know they have some SR loss protection in place, for instance yesterday we had 2 member of our teams being AFK 99% of the time (maybe bots), everybody from our and enemy team reported them, and after the lost game we did not incur in a SR loss, fair.

You can’t monitor every match being played.

It is good that server issues meant those people didn’t lose out, but you were still playing. Doesn’t matter if it’s 6v6, 4v1, 3v2… You are still playing and if you lose, you still lost.