Doom absolutly broken


maybe you guys start to balance this game?


Have you tried Brig? she is good a dueling and the DF has to come to you.


Doomfist has always been insane but more so now people know how to play him and pick him all the time.
But the bigger issue is that whatever it is he brings into the game, it’s just not fun. It’s destructive. Blizzard went “a bit” too far on Doomfist.


I agree he is OP but he is a nice hero to play against double shield so until that changes I’m ok with dooms current state :grin:


They got no clue what’s going on in game . Doom is destroying everything but who cares ! Let’s nerf a garbage Zarya who will die for next 5 seasons :smiley: And then maybe they will rework her .
I bet someone from DEVS is DOOM OTP players that’s way this sh*tty balance is happening right now .


Remove his shields is pretty much the only change he needs


doom should be removed or some thing. he is so bug out and glitched out.
not only that but he has just become a basic copy of one punch man and it is literally makes him look broken as hell.


He was and is still not broken but there are like 0 viable counters RN because of double shields.

Time to up/rework some heroes.


There is just no counterplay.
At least with Widow you can play around vantage points and put pressure on her. But doom can come around any corner and two skill you to death without you being able to prevent it.
Once you are in the air, you die.


Not to mention his CC is incredibly annoying.

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