Duo lf group for comp (silver-gold) :)

Hello, hello!

We are two german tank/support players searching for some nice people or a fixed group to finally get out of the elo-hell!
We are looking for kinda serious gameplay, but not too super-toxic-tryhard.

Some info about us:

Age: 25
Main: Rein, Dva, Zarya/Support everything except Zen
Rank: Gold

Age: 22
Main: Mercy, Ana, Zen
Rank: High Silver

We are definitely up to meet some cool people around our age, who love to stand on the payload just as much as we do :slight_smile:


usually I don’t play much Competitive, but I got bored lately of other game modes, so I would like to spend more time in Comp (most of my friends don’t play Comp).

Payload is my best friend in OW, if you’re interested add me on Bnet SpikeSpiegel#21497.

I’m a little bit older that you both, in mid 30’s but don’t feel old in any way, if you’re fine with that add me :smiley:


Im a swedish 23 year old dps player and whith over 600 houts on tracer its safe to say im a onetrick. I play other stuf to but at a much lover levl.

I only play comp and spend most my time warming up in qp and ffa. my gole is to be able to outplay the enomy with tracer regardles of what ther running and to this end i have climed from silver to dimond.
I alvays stay positive, i only ever care about my one preformance in a game and I will never sacrefise fun fore befor winning. (ofqorse i alvays do my best to win but if im not having fun i dont play well.

I have more or less stopt playing the game latly biqouse of all the abuse and hate dps players have resived resently, so what im locking fore is simply to finde piple to play with that abrishiates me.

Im dimond on my main but i can probably play with you on my second acount.
add me a21142#2917

Hello my name is Crowblades and I live in Canada but I originate from Germany/Dutch Land. I am high sliver tank player and mainly play Zar and Orisa. I am 19 years old and want friends to play Overwatch with.
Find me on Crowblades#1973