Duo lf group for comp (silver-gold) :)


Hello, hello!

We are two german tank/support players searching for some nice people or a fixed group to finally get out of the elo-hell!
We are looking for kinda serious gameplay, but not too super-toxic-tryhard.

Some info about us:

Age: 25
Main: Rein, Dva, Zarya/Support everything except Zen
Rank: Gold

Age: 22
Main: Mercy, Ana, Zen
Rank: High Silver

We are definitely up to meet some cool people around our age, who love to stand on the payload just as much as we do :slight_smile:



usually I don’t play much Competitive, but I got bored lately of other game modes, so I would like to spend more time in Comp (most of my friends don’t play Comp).

Payload is my best friend in OW, if you’re interested add me on Bnet SpikeSpiegel#21497.

I’m a little bit older that you both, in mid 30’s but don’t feel old in any way, if you’re fine with that add me :smiley: