Echo is kinda busted

I doubt there is anyone who disagrees with me when I say that Echo is completely OP. I am honestly surprised that she is still not nerfed after like 6 months or something.

A bit overturned, but not OP.

Just needs a subtle nerf.

Subtle? Even an average plat player team wipes easily

If the Echo plays it well into people not playing so well… yes.

ive literally not seen her this season and I dont think i saw her last season. youd think people would play her if she was actually good.

5th from last in terms of pickrate if overbuff is to be believed, and shes barely scraping a positive winrate even with such a low pickrate.

Never believe overbuff. But your eye is right, she is being played less.

Despite being arguably the strongest DPS.

I think people just prefer playing Tracer.

yeah overbuff isnt a great resource but unfortunately, its the only one we have.

but arguably the strongest? maybe if you look at her in isolation but the same could be said for widow and shes kinda really bad right now.