Echo nerf when?

No idea why her damage hasn’t been nerfed since January 2021. I feel like I lose every game I play against an Echo with a mercy pocket. yeah it might be because I’m not a godlike hitscan, but even so, I think her damage output is a bit too high.


Yeah I completely agree, Echo is easily the best hero rn

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Best DPS yes. Best hero rn is still probably Brig.

Echo is way better especially in low ranks.
No debate

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Rank is irrelevant. Brig is the stronger hero.

Being a less skilled player, doesn’t make a hero more or less strong. Just you lack the ability to utilise it.

Yeah she’s pretty insane. I don’t come across her a lot though tbh.

You won’t in low elos, they still unironically play Genji.

The damage output is indeed too high. The bubbles are the most and annoying thing. Echo can fly around and spam different shooting abilities while having insane damage output

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