Enough with the turrets


WTH TURRETS?!?!?!??!?!?!?

why turrets




Just shoot them 4head


i meet dwarf and symm at same time… no fun,


You need to spot those suckers and take them down!


true, they can be annoying but you can simply and i mean simply deal with them by destroying the low hp turrets :slight_smile:


I mean it’s only Torb, Sym and Bob, kind of.

They’re not that many.


The thing is that Overwatch is a fast paced game, it only takes few seconds to kill those turrets but that is the problem,

you don’t have few seconds and will low hp heroes you usually lose half your hp doing so, then you have to turn back to get healed, then you go back and you see Sym placed them again rofl… same process,

they make you waste time you don’t have, they make you look away and its giving enemy team huge advantage.

and all Sym did is … nothing, just placed 3 turrets.


It takes about 30 seconds for all 3 sym turrets to get of cooldown. If it takes you 30 seconds to destroy them and get healed then i don’t think it’s the games fault.


Inb4 they add more heroes like Torb and Sym.
Ashe is like them in a way with bob but its an ult.


Its not even an issue how long it takes,

the problem is that you have turn your back to the enemy team to destroy them, giving them huge advantage,
while your destroying those turrets you get killed by some1 else cause you aren’t looking where you should be but instead your looking above some doorway, you wouldn’t be looking there EVER in any game.

Reinhardt cant move when caught by 3 of Sym turrets without dropping that barrier, then he has to wait for his team to destroy them, which they don’t do right away cause ofc they are focused on the enemy team not some corner above the passage, usually reserved for spiders web, not even the cleaning staff looks there.

and worse of all they do not miss, how is that fair? what other hero has aimbot installed? (not counting ulti) we all have to aim to hit something.

70% of the matches theres Sym or Torb or both, cause they know that the distraction those turrets make have huge advantage.