[EU] [18+] Arcadian - Friendly Overwatch based gaming community


Hi There,
We’re Arcadian. We’re a new community to Overwatch that started out as a team which grew into bigger things. We’re hoping to extend an invite to any players 18+ from all sides of the world. Although we are EU based anybody is welcome to play. We have friendly members and admin and we plan to grow bigger by the day to make sure players have a variety of users to play with, gain knowledge, get better, even start a team but mostly have fun.

Please Note
We are lenient on rules but we want to provide a safe friendly community for people to play. We do not welcome any boosters or hackers. We want a fair levelled playing area as I expect most other people also do :slight_smile:

If this sounds like something u r interested in. Throw me a message on discord.
Discord ID - Impetro#1405


Great guys in there.


Thank you Sir, ur not so bad urself :joy: