[EU] Looking for a friend


Hi there,
I am looking for a friend to play Overwatch with. I’ve been playing Overwatch for 2 years now, met some nice people, but now that they are gone I miss a friend to play with and talk to. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, how old you are (16+ prefered but not required), gender, sexuality… If you are friendly, frequently play Overwatch and looking to play with someone please leave a reaction with your battletag and I’ll add you. :slight_smile:
I’m open for all gamemodes. Rank doesnt matter, but if you’re looking for a competitive friend, I’m currently in Diamond. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at the game or not, I’m more so looking for social interaction.
I hope to hear from you soon!


I can be your friend, I could need one as well.





Could always use more OW buds. Chloe#21316


I always need a friend to play with and have a laugh, add me; r3m0dul8#2278


if you want, i’Ll be here :slight_smile: Garf#2926


I seem to have lost my friends too, this game is full of pain and salt without them



Shadeys#2129 :slight_smile: we are a bunch of friends playing together ~ would love to have you


I’m in! PnPride#2265


I have similar experience. Feel free to join me! :slight_smile:


I’m pretty new to Overwatch, but I will be your friend if you want to :slight_smile:
You can add me: sofie1126#2322


I can be your friend too
name in blizzard: Anonymous#24577


I’m in, for the 20%exp boost I’ll be friends with anyone :smiley: These lootboxes are my heroin derkestundrd#2963


Brainiac#2648 add me xD


Ɠuitto#2914 Add me )


Looking forward to playing with you! Add me on Raghu#21219


Skylyte#21331 add away


add me plz
1.not toxic
2.just starting to play


You can add me if you want. I don’t have anyone to play with, so I play alone but would like some friends. Syrco#2439


Hello! I’ve just started playing OW (tired of WoW and want to give OW a go). I need some friends to play with (maybe help me get in to the game a bit :smile: )

I’m friendly, don’t get angry on video games and mostly play for the social interaction, always tries to improve my gameplay :slight_smile:

Feel free to add me (anyone) - Trickynick#2834